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November 4, 2007


Hey! If you're still here, then switch on over to my new blog home, See ya there! Don't forget to update your lists!

November 2, 2007

Up comes the sun...

Every thing's broken. I spent all morning trying to fix it, and then realized I couldn't do it on my own. So, stay tuned! Things will be workin' fine in no time...I hope...ya know, it really helps if you know what you're doing. I mean seriously. It's almost laughable, except for when you're working on it for hours and all you feel like doing is curling up in a corner. Or under the covers, which may or may not be exactly what I did when I got home from work today. Apparently it was the solution, because when I woke up I had a nice little message from Typepad telling me exactly what I did wrong. From the very beginning. Wahoo!!!! Yeah me!

I think this will fix everything that's not working on this site. So...hold tight for a day or so. Until then you can still see this site at

In other news, there was a spider in my car today. I don't know if there is anything more terrifying, except maybe snakes on a plane. And we all know how well that turned out. (Actually, I don't. I never saw it. But I can only imagine....) I was sitting there at a stop light, minding my own business, ya know? I happened to glance down at the center console and saw a little tannish-yellowish THING. A little curious, I poked it with the end of my fork. (Oh, why did I have a fork in the car? Funny thing, I was eating my lunch. On the way to work. Cause I spend my lunch doing Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Anyway, back to the spider...) So there I was, fork in hand, and I poked it, thinking, hoping, maybe it was some debris? But it wasn't. And it didn't like being poked. It sprang, alive and kicking, and scurried down the fork and the side of the console. My scream was so loud, so involuntary, I swear it echoed. I'm sort of hoping it killed the spider on the spot. I could be that lucky, right? The worst part of it all is that I couldn't move, I was buckled, no, STRAPPED IN with that thing. I spent the entire drive back to the office curved against the door. I'm hoping that by locking the door, leaving the car over the weekend, maybe it will just die. Go away.

Either that or spin a gazillion webs.

November 1, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day 1: Moving Day!

1st day of NaBloPoMo! The insanity begins! And guess what?! My new blog is done! That's right, I have a new home. I've picked up shop! Packed my bags, so to speak. I've been working hard these last few weeks, trying to learn all about my new host, Typepad. It hasn't been easy, and I'm not done making all the changes that I want (you might find that there aren't many so far...and you'd be right...but that's only because I haven't yet figured it all out yet), so please bear with me as I settle in. I believe I've mentioned that I have no idea what I'm doing, but really, I don't. So. It's going to take me a bit. It's just that, wow, it's late (or early, however you choose to see it...) and I'm um, a little frazzled. I have this huge checklist of things to update, things to add, things to delete, and it keeps growing, the list I mean. But I promised to have it ready by today, and so it is. Nearly.

So go check it out! Go on!

(comments from the last few days haven't been moved over...because I nearly cried when I realized how much work that would be. Forgive me.)

October 29, 2007

All in a day's work

So I'm at work, right? And I have the wonderful opportunity of contacting this guy to tell him that generally when filling out a three page form, you're required to, ya know, fill out the three page form. A name and phone number doesn't really cut it, does it?

(gets up on tiny soap box)

Excuse me, ladies and gentleman. For the good of the people, for the love of pete, if you're filling out a form, any form at all, for cryin' out loud fill the form out. Trust me, if we didn't need to ask you these questions we would not ask you these questions. And while you're at it, please have the decency to pause and consider that there may be someone out there who *gets* to decipher your hieroglyphics into some sort of sense. It's maddening, people. Maddening.

(lets out a breath, steps off tiny soap box)

Where was I? Oh yes, the phone call. So I guess which numbers to dial, is that a zero or an O? A four or a seven? and it rings. At least it's a valid number number, right? The phone picks up and then promptly hangs up. I redial, switching the six to a zero and nada. I try the original number (soap box....seriously....) and this time the ringing is replaced by a slightly familiar trickling noise. I silently pray that Mr. Can't Write and / or Fill Out A Form Properly is having lunch on the shores of a babbling brook and before my little reverie continues, the trickling stops. Drip. Drip. Fumble, fumble. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

Oh no. This is not happening. I do not get paid enough...

I wait semi-amused for him to decide maybe to answer his phone, and hear the sound of a door swing open (mental note: disinfect form. Now. And then go wash my hands...) and then Mr. Doesn't Wash His Hands decides now is an appropriate time to answer his call.

Sir Drippy:"Hello?"


Sir Drippy:"Hello?"


Sir Drippy:"Hello?"

"Mr. ******?"

"Yes? Oh, hi! Yeah, you can resend me the form..."

After hanging up I make sure to highlight all of the fields he needs to fill out in bright yellow. Both for his sake and mine. It will remind me to have my sanitizer handy when it's returned.

October 28, 2007

Caleb's Quote of the Day

"I mean, you can't get any further from the United States than Virginia!"

Sure can't. No suh.

October 26, 2007

Links, anyone?

Phew! It's been a crazy few days. Forgive my absence, and I'll get started answering your questions. First, sorry, I meant to explain NaBloPoMo, or at least link to it but obviously failed to do so. So. There you go. No you are NOT crazy if you haven't heard of it yet, because you just did. Just now. And there's still plenty of time to sign up and gear up. It's fun, sometimes grueling, a little crazy. You "meet" a lot of new people, which, if you're like me, means you're just adding people to your blog roll, ever increasing your Internet time. It's a lovely thing. Try it! We can commiserate through the writer's block together. If you wanted to get a little more help, buy this book by the lovely Margaret Mason (Mighty Goods anyone?). I bought it last year and have used it fairly frequently when I didn't have anything interesting (or so I thought) to say. The dog hadn't puked (or here or here) that day (what does that say when you search for "puke" in your archives and come up with like, 8 different posts?), or my little sister hadn't cheated in art. You know, the usual.

So, guess what? I played hooky yesterday. Hooky from work, hooky from cleaning, hooky from the computer....well, nearly...and it was fabulous. It was the second time I've ever played hooky, the first being Caleb's birthday a few years ago. It was a total last minute decision, and one of the best days ever. This time though, it was planned out, nearly a month ahead. H&M opened it's doors yesterday in our area and my friend Bridgette and I planned to be there. We just didn't know 9,486 other people had the same bright idea. We arrived an hour before it opened and saw The Line. It wrapped around the entire store and most of the way through the parking lot. There were photographers there, people. Photographers, policemen, and lots and lots and lots of women. And a few men. And one french bulldog. (No, seriously, I saw one.) Needless to say we didn't wait in line, but we did make it back later that night. It was still crazy. We walked around the store like cattle in a shoot, barely able to glance at this shirt, that skirt, before we were forced along. To sum it up, I will tell you that the colors for the season are black, black, black, grey, black, grey, neon yellow / green, black, black, grey, and purple. And everything in the store is some variation of $29.90. It was beautiful.

It was amazing how many things we jam packed into the day yesterday. Besides H&M, I slept in UNTIL 9 AM, we hit another mall and a few other stores, ate lunch, I trimmed my hair, went grocery shopping, Target shopping (yes, it gets it's own category) and had several hours to lounge around. What in the WORLD?! I kept glancing at the clock thinking that some invisible timer would Ding! signaling that the day was over, I'd had enough fun. But it just kept going. I called Caleb partway through the day and told him I could really get used to this, this whole not-working thing. It won't happen until I'm wrangling a newborn, but that will be even better.

And no, I am not pregnant. I know what you were all thinkin'. Not yet.

October 23, 2007

And counting....

One week till Halloween.........

And you know what that means......oh wait, you don't. Alright, I'll tell you. That means one week and one day until I show ya'll my new blog! (Now don't get too excited, for the nine gazillionth time I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm faking it. Fakin' it 'till I make it. Literally. ) It'll be just in time for my second year of NaBloPoMo, where I plan to redeem myself from last year. I tried people, that's all I have to say.

October 22, 2007


Has anyone seen the preview for the new movie, Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium? No? Well, I hadn't either until we stopped in at Costco the other day to pick up...something I'm sure....we wandered down the TV isle, me behind Caleb so I could wipe up his drool, when it came on all thirty TV's at once. I was totally enthralled. Then when we were at Target a few days later to pick up...something I'm sure...I ran into this -

Apparently Fisher Price is bringing back some of their "vintage" toys for the occasion. I wanted to buy them all, but Caleb said something about how we don't even have kids I only picked up this. But next time? I'm bringing back the Sock Monkey or the original Mr. Potatohead. Whether he likes it or not....

October 21, 2007

Sunday Stroll

Oh. Hi! I'm back! I've been working on this OTHER blog, and it's taking me some time to get up and running because, well. I don't know what I'm doing. I believe I've said that before, though. Just a few times. I'll let ya know.

Oh! And look! I have paragraphs! Apparently one day when I was messing around with the template I clicked the "Convert line breaks" or something. Don't click that, it's serious stuff. I ran across an explanation of it the other day as I was researching something for my new template, and literally had that light bulb AHA! moment. So the moral of the story is don't be all clickin' stuff in your template it you don't know what it means. Don't fix it if it ain't broken. And all that.

Anyway, on to the real stuff. Today was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, there was a little bit of a breeze.....ahhh.....just perfect. Here's a few shots from our Sunday Walk.

We used to take a short cut on the way home from elementary school that took us along a little stream with snake grass scattered on the bank. I used to love to pull it apart and them put them back together. This was growing in a pot outside of a cute little salon.

I love these little blue flowers. They were growing up a house.

A fun little downtown strip. Just as we walked past, the local Indian movie let out. I was standing there with the mutt in a sea of gorgeous women in their sari's. I felt a little um, well, like I'd just walked into Nordstroms with my Old Navy graphic tee on.

He felt a little lost too.

This is what Bear looks for the entire time. Cats. So we spend the entire time attempting to be one step ahead of him. The thing about Bear is that he has no sixth doggy sense. If he doesn't see it, it isn't there. It could be inches away and he'd never know unless it moved.

How fun is that? I love the little rocking chair.

I am so glad we shaved him. Bear, that is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about going all out and decorating for the holidays. But this? This is going to give me nightmares. I will never understand this.

This is another of Bear's favorite things to do, find sticks. Although this time it seems he out did himself. Just a little bit. I've got the scrapes to prove it.

Making sure Caleb is coming....

After eight different scrapes to my legs, we decided to make it more manageable. He walked the entire way home with it.

Yeah, I'm enjoying this lovely California weather.

October 16, 2007

Mental Image, or, The Inner Workings of the Male Mind

Recently I went to my yearly girlie appointment (that's euphemistic, isn't it?) and while I could go on all day about the crazies I saw and the un-hinged mothers there ("My daughter needs to have a doctors signature on her HPV test! Now! Now! No, N.O.W.!!")....well...I won't. You get the idea.

While it wasn't the purpose of my visit, after a few basic questions my doctor immediately prescribed me some pills that would remind my body that it is, indeed, female. It isn't normal to go over three and a half months with nary a word from Auntie Flow, unless of course you're me, and then it's yesterday's news.

Later in the day I was telling Caleb about the visit and the 5 Magic Pills I'd picked up at the pharmacy (with a $10 co-pay, those babies are $2 a pop!) to get me goin', if you will.

"Isn't it crazy," he said in all seriousness, "that they have pills to basically trigger an auto-flush?"

October 11, 2007

Bay Area Subway

Yesterday I decided to run some errands on my lunch break and after making a quick stop at Target (well, as quick as you can be at Target. I go there with a list of two items to purchase and every time I walk out with an armload of bags, dazed and confused, blinking into the bright sun....). I made an even quicker stop at Micheal's (I don't do well at craft stores...) to try to find a plate stand, and then decided I'd run into Subway before heading back to work. I walked in and made my way through the crowd of people standing by the register (Why Subway? Why must you put the front of the line closest to the door? Does this make sense? NO!) to go stand in line. As I was walking up I glanced at the man last in line. He was leaning rather seductively on the glass facing his male friend (operative word here...) who was seated. This isn't so unusual around these parts, except for that his pants were pulled down so low, his shirt bunched up around his hips, that if he'd decided to take an extra big breath his pants would have slid down to his ankles much the same way Kiefer's did a few years back. Though unlike Mr. Sutherland, it was quite clear this guy had decided to forgo underwear that morning. Quite clear. Unmistakably clear. My approach seemed to break him out of his Pose of Seduction, because he glanced at me and in two seconds flat he had his pants up, his shirt down, and turned around to make his order:

"Can I haf' white long foot please?"

Wow sir, you just made my day.

October 8, 2007

Gussied up

Our friend Mark travels quite frequently for his job. Recently he was gone for nearly two and a half weeks, which among other things, meant that Caleb spent two and a half weeks with Bridgette, Mark's wife, and myself. And Owen of course, but he doesn't talk yet so we won't count him. We tried to be considerate, but no doubt Caleb endured his fair share of Oprah, girlie magazines, and long in depth discussions about whether a fabric softener is really needed or not. This was made apparent last night during dinner. We were all sitting around the table commenting on the new dish we'd made that night, pork roast with pears. While Mark sat on the floor playing with Owen, Bridgette and Caleb and I discussed ways we could improve the recipe. "Well," Caleb said, "I think it would be great if there was some kind of pear glaze to pour on top." Mmmm, Yes, Wow, Bridgette and I agreed. We sat there for a few seconds contemplating that until Caleb put down his fork and groaned, "Mark! I need you here! Look at me!"

And while we were all giggling, it was true. Caleb had been all girlied-up. Whether he liked it or not. (And he's going to hate that I've announced it to you all, but I swear he's a manly man. He kills the spiders for me, takes the garbage out, and installs a new tail light cover on my car when I sometimes maybe accidentally pop it off. With a white picket fence. And stuff. Woops...)

October 7, 2007


Breakfast in bed. Book on tape. Lemon tree. Orange tree. Gift card to my favorite cosmetics line. A generous card from parents. A little spiritual enlightenment. Wrapping up in blankets. Shopping. Dinner. Numerous calls, texts, emails from friends and family (thanks guys! It made my day!). A new blog (stay tuned! Thanks Cabe!). A wonderful birthday.

October 3, 2007

Coming out...

I am going to be spending the day delurking. It's going to take a bit...but I shall succeed! Go on then! Delurk!


I seem to have an affinity for passing out. Not on purpose, as we used to do in junior high (so dangerous, bytheway. Parents? Make sure your kids aren't as stupid as we were. We stopped doing that after a kid we knew went into convulsions.). And not just passing out in the comforts of my own home, but public places. Sometimes when I'm the center of attention. Here, a run down of the ones I can remember. I'm sure there are more. (Please forgive the spacial issues that I know will follow....)

1. I may have mentioned this one already, but I passed out while giving my first talk in church. I was 12, a new addition to our church's youth program, and locked my knees. Big mistake. I remember the words suddenly oozing out of focus on my page. I looked up and saw a sea of blurry colors, the clothing of the audience fusing together, but I wasn't panicky. I remember calmly wondering how I'd finish my talk if I couldn't see the words. Hmm......and the next thing I knew I was looking up from the floor, another sea of faces above me. A little reminiscent of the final scene in the Wizard of Oz, my parents and bishopric trying to hide their smiles. I immediately burst into tears, thinking they'd make me finish my talk. One of my best friends was in the audience and had also burst into tears, thinking I had died right there before her eyes. I wanted to a little bit, when I woke up.

2. I passed out and threw up after taking Tylenol with codeine after my wisdom teeth were taken out. Apparently I am allergic.

3. I already went into full detail of the incident at PF Chang's on this post. Enjoy. Just not too close to dinner time.

4. I spent my high school years working at Cold Stone. A fabulous high school job bytheway, and secretly? I sometimes miss those years. So carefree. Such a no-nonsense job. Anyway. When I first started working there my manager warned me about putting the ice cream bins carefully back into the ghia freezer out front (think the big glass window that houses the ice cream). One of the girls, she said, accidentally slammed her fingers while doing so and had passed out! What a priss, I thought, passing out because her fingers were squished? The ice cream bins are heavy it's true, but not enough to make someone pass out. Or so I thought. Just days later I was working on a busy night and went to restock one of the flavors. I dropped the bin into it's place and two of my fingers stayed behind. It hurt, and I quickly walked to the back to hop around and hold my throbbing fingers. One of my coworkers was back there and I remember telling her I'd just slammed my fingers and ha, ha, maybe I'll pass out! And then I did, falling mid step and into the wall. To this day I have no idea why that would cause anyone to pass out. But it does.

5. And ha! This one has to do with Cold Stone, too. Not to scare anyone off. I was working one Saturday with our manager (the fabulous one...hi Heather!) and we decided to get really ambitious and clean the INSIDE of the ice cream maker. We unscrewed the thick metal panel off of the side and deep cleaned the sucker. By the time we were nearly finished it was time for her to head out and I told her to leave, reassuring her I could screw it back on myself. The only problem is that the panel was big and I had to hold it with one hand so that I could line up the holes to get the screw in (sounds like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it?). The panel slipped and sliced my finger wide open. And by wide, I mean wide. There was a lot of blood. I was alone, of course, and had to call someone to come watch the store while I went to go get stitches. I think I even had to leave my cousin in charge until someone came and I can only imagine how that went when the next customer came in. "Hi, can I get...." "No, you cannot get. Not right now." My mom took me to the hospital and they began to numb my finger to put in the stitches. I was smack dab in the middle of my medical anatomy class and so I was completely fascinated, watching the whole process. Or, most of the process, I passed out somewhere in between the little numbing shots. I remember waking up and being flat on my back when I was once sitting up. The doctor looked a little sheepish and explained that I'd passed out and they thought I was going to have a seizure. Lovely. Note to self? Don't watch next time. Lesson learned. Almost.

6. One day in college I was walking by the library and noticed a sign that said there was a blood drive going on. I'd never given blood before and thought it would be a great opportunity. I popped in, answered all the questions right (yes! overachiever!) and was soon lounging in the chair watching the blood slowly drain into their bag. At this point, after having passed out so many times and knowing the signs leading up to it, I knew what was soon coming. I tried to let them know, "Um, hello? I think I'm going to...." and there I went. They got about 80 cc's out of me, not enough. They brought me bags and bags of cookies and ten different drinks to choose from and practically wired me to the chair. I wasn't of the mind to sit and eat cookies in front of them, but there were about four different people who's sole responsibility had been to make sure I finish my cookies. I finished one bag and had to convince them to let me drive myself home. They don't like you to do that, you know. I was a veteran though, I knew I could handle it.

7. The last time, I believe, was a few months after Caleb and I had been married. For reasons I won't go into, I wasn't feeling well. At all. I went to the bathroom and curled up by the toilet, Caleb nervously watching me, and passed out. Of course. I remember coming to very slowly, hearing Caleb frantically calling my name. He'd never seen anyone pass out before, let alone his wife of mere days. It's okay, I told him a lazy smile on my face, this happens all the time.

So that's me, fainting extraordinaire. What affinity do you have?

October 2, 2007

Iran so far away

Finally, a copy of this digital short from SNL. NBC posted it only to pull it a few hours later for what ever reason, but here it is. Just in case you missed it. Wait until this is available on iTunes....

Caleb asked me why I didn't preface this video with an explanation. Not that it's my job to keep ya'll up to date on current events, but if you don't understand why this is funny (and wow, that would be shocking....), check this out. (I'm three seconds away from leaving Blogger....this spacing issue is making my skin crawl....)

September 29, 2007


That masthead took me nine millions hours to complete. There I sat in my pajamas, bloodshot and bugged-eyed at 2:57 am last night.....this morning.....wondering if it was possible to strangle Photoshop. At that hour, anything seems possible. I spent another few hours tonight begging Caleb to help me and then grabbing the laptop from him the moment we made headway. Like, QUICK! PROGRESS! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!! And then that would be it, I'd be stuck for another half hour groaning and melting boneless into the couch while simultaneously reaching for another fun size almond Snickers. When I finally made a little progress here and there I was completely and irrationally ecstatic. Eyes a little too wide, big sloppy grin. I'm completely worn out.

September 27, 2007

Farmers Market Sweep!

The other night we decided to visit a local farmer's market and make dinner with the things we found there.
It was lovely and warm and smelled of ten different things. Warm Naan, roasting rosemary chicken, and home-grown corn on the cob .....

His pumpkin flatbread was delicious.

We bought an asiago cheese baguette along with his organic Artichoke and Walnut Cheese spread. Absolutely divine.

Beautiful orchids - someday I'll find out how to keep these alive for more than two days. Until then, I'm keeping my grubby little hands off them.

One great thing about living in such a temperate climate is that you can get most fruits and veggies all year long. Like strawberries. Or artichokes (I could live off of those...).

It was an excellent experiment, try it! Go on! Find you local farmers market and dig in!

(See my strategy? Insert pictures to keep the paragraphs apart! Genius! Can't last forever! Am still trying to figure it out!)

September 25, 2007

Ahhh...halfway there.

I watch this every so often when I need a break. If you haven't seen it, well, enjoy. It's hilarious. I heart Maya.

September 24, 2007

An Oregon Weekend

I spent this last weekend in Albany, Oregon, the town we lived in last. I went back to re-take the test to renew my CNA license. It was odd being back, driving the same old streets, stopping by our old apartment*, the smell of burning wood chips always there in the background. If it wasn't for the fact that my best friend Abby and her husband Brian live there it would've been quite ridiculous. It look longer to fly there than it did to take the test. All went well (I think...) and I should find out if I passed or not by the end of the week. So.....yeah. My stomach is slowly un-knotting itself.

(Funny thing about when I took the test, in between the written and skills portion I studied with a kid who had been in the testing room. During our random conversation he brought up a time recently when he'd killed a moth and said, "It was so crazy, it CRUNCHED." And I said "Yeah, I know, they do that." And he looked at me like I was deranged and said, "How do YOU know that?!" was so crazy that I knew that moths went *crunch* when you squished them. Is that so odd? Am I the only one who kills moths? I can't be. That's ridiculous.)

(*I saw my lavender that I had planted outside the front door and I thought seriously about digging it up and bringing it home. I probably would have, but didn't have a burlap sack with me. And I don't think that'd be considered a carry on.)

The best part about the trip was after the test, when we were trying to decide what to do. It was my friends last Saturday before they started school and so we tried to come up with something celebratory. One last summer hurrah. And in true Albany, OR fashion, we ended up at the local Heritage Mall. It was a totally appropriate way to remember my time there, wandering around the "mall", which boasts a Sears and Bath and Body Works. And a few other stores that no one can really ever recall. We played Glow Golf, miniature golf under black lights. We ate dinner at The Roadhouse in Salem, a lovely little grill house with peanut shells littering the floor, wandered around a few home stores, and then curled up on the couch to watch Oprah. And that pretty much sums up our year and a half there.

The really odd thing is that the sun shone all weekend long, and I'd like to believe that it was for me. It really is green up there, I'd forgotten how many shades there are. Even more odd though was that it poured buckets here in the Silicon Valley, the first rain since, I don't know, April? May? I don't even remember seeing a threatening cloud since then. I'd like to think this was some sort of sign, the sun that is to come in the near future, if I can just keep going down this path. Slowly bettering myself, dodging the blues. Keeping my pants on, right? Steering clear of the No-Pants. That's my goal.

September 21, 2007

Excessive Borborygmus

At 5:45 this morning Caleb and I were jarred awake by what sounded like an alien trying to eek its way through a tiny hole. I lay there completely confused trying to make out what in the world that sound was. Was someone killing a rodent? Was it mating season? It sounds oddly familiar.....OH! I know what that is, I thought in my sleepy stupor, that's Gak being shoved back into it's container by the stubby fingers of an 8 year old boy. That's when Caleb grumbled out of bed and led the dog outside. Apparenly that alien was my dog's stomach, most likely trying to digest the entire bag of carrots he found in the trash the day before. Yeah, howdaya like that, Bear? I didn't throw them out for kicks, ya know....

It was so loud and constant Caleb put him outside so we could get some sleep. I half expected to wake up and find all the local stray dogs in the area gathered around the fence trying to paw their way in. Luckily Bear came in alone, and he spent the rest of the morning sulking and groaning on his bed. Methinks someone learned their lesson.

September 17, 2007


I'm going to be that friend you hate, the one to oh-so-casually mention that they have a HUGE juicy secret that........they just can't tell you right now. Later, they always say, I'll tell you later. I'll tell you when you're older.

(Insert an imaginative paragraph here...since my blogger is continuing to throw a fit)

But seriously? I swear I'll fill you in. It's a sweet idea.

For now I'll provide evidence that here at our household if it's not one thing, it's another. Quite literally. You remember the oven episode right? 6 weeks of an oven that neither baked, broiled, or roasted. We grilled. We ate cereal. And we waited.

This morning when I was in bed, catching a few extra minutes of sleep, Caleb was busy putting holes in our sink. Or rather, a hole. A real live hole.

Exhibit A: Big Gaping Hole.

The offender? One small aftershave bottle, dropped into the sink. It's almost comical, isn't it? Except that we now have one working sink in the house, and no promise that it will get fixed soon. We're taking bets on how long it will be before it gets fixed, and how many times the decision to keep / fix / replace will change.

I'll go first - 2 weeks, and twice. Cause I like to keep things neat and even.


Update coming soon.....I found an amazing site, sure to blow your minds....

That's what I do here, in case you weren't aware.

September 13, 2007

Two clicks from a zombie

I've had trouble sleeping lately, falling asleep in particular. I don't know what spurred it, or what drives it, but there it is, every night the same old thing. I crawl into bed, exhausted, thinking, hoping that THIS IS THE NIGHT. The night I will fall asleep! Soon! And every night I wait....and wait....and wait.

I thought maybe it was caffeine related, I don't drink it very often so maybe it was getting to me. So I stopped and...nothing happened. Then I thought it was because I was watching TV before bed, and you know what they say about THAT. That didn't make a difference either. Then I tried writing down my thoughts / worries / concerns, because that's also what they tell you to do, and that didn't work either. Plus I ran out of space, and that sort of made me feel worse.

I'd sort of given up until last night when I had a great idea. As you might imagine, it's fairly difficult to get up in the morning to work out when you've only logged a few hours of sleep, and so my work out schedule has been suffering. Maybe that's it, I thought, maybe I need to just push through it and work out. Maybe that will get me to fall asleep. So I popped in one of my work out DVDs after getting home from our friend's house. I figured I might as well be doing something rather than laying in bed trying to decipher a tune between Caleb and Bear's snoring. (With the crickets outside, we've nearly got a full orchestra around here....)

Have you ever tried working out at midnight?

I guess what's most surprising to me is that I'm actually sore today. Like, even though it was late and I was emotionally and physically exhausted, I still managed to do enough to produce results. And I can't decide if that's because I just really worked hard, or because I was so tired that it took extra effort to make my body do what it was supposed to do.

Didn't work.

Just curious, how addicting is Benadryl?

(And here we go with the funky formatting again. Now it's screwed up all of my entries! I'm doomed!)

September 12, 2007


I know this is like, the cliche of blogging, but I been seriously struggling to come up with something interesting to say lately. You maybe could tell. Just maybe.

Look at me, I can't even write about how I have nothing to say without sounding like a total idiot. I just stared at that last sentence for five minutes. Type something, erase. Sit there. Blank. Nothing.

I could tell you all about the exciting things at work, that's, what.....2/3 of my life? But there's only so many things I can say about alphabetizing. I did find another funny last name, Schmuck. That's funny. Poor kid.....

Or I could go on and on about um.....well.....that's it.

Wow. My life. Data entry and alphabetizing. I can FEEL your jealousy emanating from the glow of the screen.

These are the thoughts that have been swirling around my head for a while now, the sad state of my job. A month or so ago I decided to do something about it though, and dug around to see what I needed to do to renew my CNA license. At least it was a step in the right direction, a millimeter closer to something I actually had an interest in. To make a long story short, I ended up booking a plane to Oregon where I was last certified so that I could re-take the written and skills test, with a fake patient and everything. Then I'll have to transfer that license to California, and hope to find a job that doesn't involve me and a giant diaper.

Not to knock those who currently have this daunting task, you really are angels. Saints.

The written portion will be easy enough, I took a practice test without studying and "passed". No worries there. It's the skills portion that makes me nervous, not only because it's been over three years since I took the class, but the class was in Utah and every state is a little different. They sent me a 34 page booklet of the different skill sets they could ask me to perform, and this is all I've got. You can see why I'm a little nervous, not made any better from the few conversations I've had with the ladies at the Oregon State Board of Nursing, "Don't worry honey, if you don't pass you can just re-take the test." Just retake the test, spend another $400 to fly up and re-take the test. Uh huh.

There is a small portion of me that wants to crawl under the covers for a few months. A small portion that seems to be growing bigger and bigger.

Is that a step up or down from no-pants? I can't tell.

Also, since we're on the subject, what in the world is up with my format? Where did all my paragraph spacing go?! Why does it look one way on the preview and a completely different way online? Is this a widespread problem, or just reserved for special people like me? Is it time to leave Blogger for bigger and better grounds? Anyone have any strong opinions about a hosting company? (Only 14 more questions to go....)

Is it bed time yet?

September 7, 2007


I love Benefit Cosmetics. I love the packaging. I love the products. I love the origins. I am enamored. I am not being paid to say this.

I first ran into their cosmetics line in Australia, and I have to admit, I was first drawn to the packaging. They go for an old fashioned, rummaged-in-your-momma's-cabinet (or grandma's...) look, and the design and colors and pictures just appeal to me.

'Nuff said, I know. I'm not exactly the model of gorgeousness for you all to glean your make up advice from, but whatever, we can pretend. I had to pass on this little tidbit, I got an email from Benefit saying that if you spend $25 on Benefit products, you can get a year subscription to Lucky Magazine for free! Enter promo code LUCKYMAG at checkout. And trust me, it'll be easy to spend the $25. If nothing else, the Maybe Baby perfume is absolutely amazing. So is High Beam. And Boi-ing. And Lemon-Aid. And so on and so forth.

So there. My good deed for the day.

September 6, 2007

Tahoe Trip: In all it's glory

Our trip to Tahoe was by most standards fairly uneventful. We spent a few hours eating lunch at the lake, walked around the historic downtown, napped, watched a few movies....and that's about it. It was absolutely wonderful. Since we were so privileged to have our friend's little guy around...

we worked around his schedule. This meant a lot of down time between the hours of about noon and three, which suited us just fine.

Is there anything better than a nap after sifting through magazines? I submit that there is not!

The clicks of the camera wake me up, and I un-roll my lanky, funky-jointed arm to let some blood in....hmm....there is a perfect impression of the couch on my arm....

Mmm....afternoon nap.....can....not....wake....up......

Besides catch up on some much needed sleep, we also celebrated two birthdays.....

Are those not the best candles EVER?! Seriously....(notice the missing frosting?! Can we say curious one-year-old?!)

But mostly we entertained ourselves with the baby.

(Warning: cuteness of this magnitude has been known to cause severe baby-hunger. Proceed with caution.)
Here's a great one - me attempting in vain to put my arm around both Abby and Bridgette. Failed miserably. Abby was crouching, and I was on my toes, but I still look a little reminiscent of Igor...("You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump."...."What hump?")

Just in case you thought we took ourselves a bit too seriously in that last shot. Maybe you were feeling a little awkward with the formality? A nice little pose, no silly commentary? Thought so.

September 1, 2007

Nature Walk

We're spending Labor Day weekend in Tahoe this year with our good friends. Our friend's little boy had a rough night, what with us interrupting his sleep and all to drive here, and so I decided to take him on a walk this morning to let his parents have a break. I came home and wanted to know how far we'd gone, so I googled "track my run" or something. I found this FABULOUS site, Map My Run, and quickly typed in our address and drew our route. You can save your runs on your profile, leave comments about the run for yourself, specify the type of run, intensity, things you saw etc. Such a great idea! Had to pass it along. Here's our little walk, or mine I should say, Owen enjoyed the roaming dogs, squirrels, and chipmunks from the comfort of his stroller while I pushed him up the hill.

Lucky kid.

I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day! I'm going to go enjoy mine...

August 30, 2007

How to mess up your kid in two words or less...

I've made it no secret that the job I'm currently holding (that's such a funny expression...holding a job....) isn't my favorite. I've recently been involved in helping to organize the registration for an event that's expecting to pull in 800 people. Sounds exciting, right? Well, today my "exciting" task was to get all of the registration sheets in alphabetical order. Which is like having a migraine at the DMV, except that they don't make Excedrin-for-filing.

Will someone please get on that? We can fly to the moon, but we can't come up with some sort of pill for the filing-ache? Priorities people, priorities.

In an attempt to save a few brain cells from the numbing task, I decided to pay close attention to the names I was filing as there never seems to be a shortage of idiotic parents out there. I was not let down. We had Atilla (I pray she's skinny and beautiful, otherwise she won't make it through junior high), and Lolly (only funny because in Australia a lolly is their word for candy. And "Fancy a lolly?" can be interpreted so many ways....). How about Art Poster? No need to question what his parents were... My favorite though, the name that had me giggling all day long - Phil McCracken.

I wish I was joking. We can only hope he has 20 / 20 vision and perfect teeth.

Phil? This is psychological abuse, and you don't have to take it. Get a therapist. Quick.