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July 27, 2006

Signs You Have Lost Your Mind....

#341 - It's um, 3:30 pm and I just realized I don't have any mascara on........and I am at work. Totally was supposed to do that BEFORE I entered the building... Do you think if I put it on now, no one will notice that I DIDN'T HAVE EYES for half the day?!

July 25, 2006

Most Definitely a NEED....

Queen size, espresso, from West Elm. In hopes that if I get this, and can swiftly tuck in the corners, -"hospital style" always - my house, and therefore my life, will blissfully return to a clean and orderly state. No more stray down feathers floating into the air, as if they too are trying to escape, when I unceremoniously plop myself into bed each night (and let's face it, sometimes to bed each afternoon...). I do believe this will solve all my problems.......

July 20, 2006

Pet Peeve: Correction Tape

What's up with correction tape? Why is it that we can send men to the moon, but we haven't been able to come up with any kind of white out tool that WORKS!?! Your first option is liquid white out, which looks like you've smeared cottage cheese all over your document. The second is that silly white out tape, that never ACTUALLY comes out nice and neat the way it does on tv. Most of the time you can cover up half of what you need to, while the tape bubbles up, or rips, making it necessary to continually go over it until you've got 10 different strips trying to cover 3 words. By this point you might as well reprint, or risk looking like you've outsourced all your "document cleaning" duties to a three year old.

July 18, 2006

High-Brow Fashion Statement

Upon arriving home from Utah, Cabe went and picked up our mutt (he would have me correct myself by saying that "mutt" is a "loving nickname" I have given him, and that he is, in fact, a pure bred Australian Shepherd. I would correct him and say that "loving nickname" is pushing it....) and found the dog beside himself with excitement...and limping. At first we figured he'd just strained something, he had acted this same way nearly a year ago, and within a day or so had returned to normal. We couldn't pick out if it was a limb, or even his back, until a few days later. He went from carefully placing each paw, to favoring his front right. He didn't do much during the day but sleep, more so than he normally does when he comes home from being boarded. The first night he was so completely out, I had to poke, prod, nudge, call his name and finally shake him to wake him up....this is all I got.

We came home from dinner Saturday night, and found his paw swollen - so much so, that it nearly looked fake. We decided he'd probably broken a toe or something, and we'd take him in on Monday. Albany isn't exactly a metropolis, the nearest emergency vet was in Corvallis, 30 minutes away. However, when we came home from church on Sunday we found he'd already performed surgery on himself - there was a quarter sized HOLE in between his toes, and his entire paw was wet from either him licking it, or....(shudder) pus. Caleb of course FREAKED out, neither of us had any idea what the hole was doing there, so we dragged him to the car and raced out to the vet, expecting the worst. Thankfully, nothing was broken, he apparently had a Foxtail burrowed in between his toes. Normally this requires surgery, so for once I was grateful (as was my wallet) that I have an OCD dog, who licks every inch of himself 100 times a day to make his coat shine. We were given an entire pharmacy of drugs to give him (twice daily might I add) and my personal favorite, an E-collar. Short for Elizabethan, which is so totally appropriate. He was utterly humiliated to have to wear such high fashion, and immediately began shoving his now hugely-inflated head into walls, floors, our legs etc. It was absolutely, positively, the most hilarious thing I have seen in a long time. It took him quite a while to figure out that his relatively puny head was now the length of a Greyhound's, and needed assistance climbing stairs and rounding corners.

After moping a bit

He decided the best way to deal with it, would be to act as if it wasn't there.

Would you mind? There's nothing to see here......

July 11, 2006

Yo-ho,Yo-ho a pirate's life for me......

Have you seen my boyfriend? I went and saw his movie this last weekend......

What is it about men and eyeliner? How do they manage to pull it off and still be so masculine.....and sexy?!? I've struggled to put into words why Johnny Depp is so attractive as a pirate. He's dirty, no doubt smelly, dishonest, has facial hair, which I've never preferred, (no offense to those sporting the mustaches, beards, and soul patch or whatever - just not my personal "thing"... too itchy) and seems to run around with as many women as possible. Not your typical "must-have" qualities in a man. There's something appealing though, and surprisingly a lot of women agree. Maybe his character appeals to the "bad-girl" in all of us - or maybe it's the adventure that always seems to follow him. Whatever it is, it's there, and is probably a large part of the reason that the movie is doing so well. I highly reccomend it, though not to all the kiddies out there, as it's a bit scarier than the first. Oh, and make sure and pee beforehand - it's nearly 3 hours long. You wouldn't want to miss any telling details, as the end of the movie leaves you hanging.........and so we wait to find out what happens, until next Memorial Day.