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October 21, 2007

Sunday Stroll

Oh. Hi! I'm back! I've been working on this OTHER blog, and it's taking me some time to get up and running because, well. I don't know what I'm doing. I believe I've said that before, though. Just a few times. I'll let ya know.

Oh! And look! I have paragraphs! Apparently one day when I was messing around with the template I clicked the "Convert line breaks" or something. Don't click that, it's serious stuff. I ran across an explanation of it the other day as I was researching something for my new template, and literally had that light bulb AHA! moment. So the moral of the story is don't be all clickin' stuff in your template it you don't know what it means. Don't fix it if it ain't broken. And all that.

Anyway, on to the real stuff. Today was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, there was a little bit of a breeze.....ahhh.....just perfect. Here's a few shots from our Sunday Walk.

We used to take a short cut on the way home from elementary school that took us along a little stream with snake grass scattered on the bank. I used to love to pull it apart and them put them back together. This was growing in a pot outside of a cute little salon.

I love these little blue flowers. They were growing up a house.

A fun little downtown strip. Just as we walked past, the local Indian movie let out. I was standing there with the mutt in a sea of gorgeous women in their sari's. I felt a little um, well, like I'd just walked into Nordstroms with my Old Navy graphic tee on.

He felt a little lost too.

This is what Bear looks for the entire time. Cats. So we spend the entire time attempting to be one step ahead of him. The thing about Bear is that he has no sixth doggy sense. If he doesn't see it, it isn't there. It could be inches away and he'd never know unless it moved.

How fun is that? I love the little rocking chair.

I am so glad we shaved him. Bear, that is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about going all out and decorating for the holidays. But this? This is going to give me nightmares. I will never understand this.

This is another of Bear's favorite things to do, find sticks. Although this time it seems he out did himself. Just a little bit. I've got the scrapes to prove it.

Making sure Caleb is coming....

After eight different scrapes to my legs, we decided to make it more manageable. He walked the entire way home with it.

Yeah, I'm enjoying this lovely California weather.


kelly said...

Hi. This isn't really a comment on your post, but I sent you an e-mail today, which I have done before, and I don't think you are getting them. So, I am thinking you should check your junk folder, or whatever you call it.
Let me know if you get it or not.

heather said...

I can't even tell you how much you got me reminesing, lazy afternoon walks with the dog, care free, just the two of you. I hope you know that I am living vicariously through you at times. I love my kids to death, but (isn't that horrible that there is a "but") those are great times that you guys are having together. I am so glad that you are catching those times with pictures and on your blog. You are so smart!