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September 24, 2007

An Oregon Weekend

I spent this last weekend in Albany, Oregon, the town we lived in last. I went back to re-take the test to renew my CNA license. It was odd being back, driving the same old streets, stopping by our old apartment*, the smell of burning wood chips always there in the background. If it wasn't for the fact that my best friend Abby and her husband Brian live there it would've been quite ridiculous. It look longer to fly there than it did to take the test. All went well (I think...) and I should find out if I passed or not by the end of the week. So.....yeah. My stomach is slowly un-knotting itself.

(Funny thing about when I took the test, in between the written and skills portion I studied with a kid who had been in the testing room. During our random conversation he brought up a time recently when he'd killed a moth and said, "It was so crazy, it CRUNCHED." And I said "Yeah, I know, they do that." And he looked at me like I was deranged and said, "How do YOU know that?!" was so crazy that I knew that moths went *crunch* when you squished them. Is that so odd? Am I the only one who kills moths? I can't be. That's ridiculous.)

(*I saw my lavender that I had planted outside the front door and I thought seriously about digging it up and bringing it home. I probably would have, but didn't have a burlap sack with me. And I don't think that'd be considered a carry on.)

The best part about the trip was after the test, when we were trying to decide what to do. It was my friends last Saturday before they started school and so we tried to come up with something celebratory. One last summer hurrah. And in true Albany, OR fashion, we ended up at the local Heritage Mall. It was a totally appropriate way to remember my time there, wandering around the "mall", which boasts a Sears and Bath and Body Works. And a few other stores that no one can really ever recall. We played Glow Golf, miniature golf under black lights. We ate dinner at The Roadhouse in Salem, a lovely little grill house with peanut shells littering the floor, wandered around a few home stores, and then curled up on the couch to watch Oprah. And that pretty much sums up our year and a half there.

The really odd thing is that the sun shone all weekend long, and I'd like to believe that it was for me. It really is green up there, I'd forgotten how many shades there are. Even more odd though was that it poured buckets here in the Silicon Valley, the first rain since, I don't know, April? May? I don't even remember seeing a threatening cloud since then. I'd like to think this was some sort of sign, the sun that is to come in the near future, if I can just keep going down this path. Slowly bettering myself, dodging the blues. Keeping my pants on, right? Steering clear of the No-Pants. That's my goal.


Bethany said...

I didn't know you were a cna! That is really cool. Hope everything went well!

Kathryn said...

maybe you should add a link explaining the no-pants thing...otherwise people are going to be very confused.
Read it again and think that. ;)

kelly said...

I read about the no-pants, and while no-pants sounds's good for the soul (once in a while)
I hope you did well on your test!

Em said...

It IS surprising that you kill moths. I myself am one who always removes the moth gently to the outside world. Never killing them.

I'm a bit of a sucker for all things alive though (with the exception of cockroaches of course).