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May 4, 2007

The Weekend Blues?

I am a work-for-the-weekend type of girl. I spend the entire week counting down the days until Friday, and then spend the entire drive home hyper-aware of the fact that THIS moment is the start of the weekend. I pull into my parking spot telling myself that these minutes are precious, that before I can even blink it will be Sunday night again. I do this same thing at the start of every vacation, usually beginning when I'm packing. Right now I'm packing for my trip. It hasn't even begun yet. I've got entire DAYS of it all ahead of me, appreciate every moment.... It never seems to work because the next time I think about it is when I realize that it's all nearly over, and I've let another wonderful weekend or trip slip right past me.

This weekend started off no different, and I'm already wondering what I've done with my time. I recall spending a lot of it moping in bed, covers pulled over my head while Caleb pleaded with me to please get up so we could do something. It doesn't make sense, does it? Nope. It does not.

That's all because I was in The Mood. The Mood seems to come and go as it pleases with no rules as to what tips it off or abates it. Caleb knows when I am in The Mood because the second I walk in the door I drop my keys, purse, and pants, and crawl into bed. Everything feels better when I'm under the covers.

Also, no-pants is key.

Caleb hates the no-pants for reasons I don't understand. As soon as he finds them, usually dropped where I was standing right beside my bed, rolled down like an accordion to perfect circles, he groans, throwing his head back in an overly dramatic fashion, "NO! NOT NO-PANTS!!!"

I believe he's afraid he's foreseeing his future, a wife who spends her days pant-less in bed eating dry toast and Ovaltine.

Actually, that doesn't sound half bad, does it?

Usually The Mood is fleeting though, nothing a Chicken Dance can't cure. The Chicken Dance was created specifically with The Mood in mind. It's fool-proof, and I highly recommend it's usage. One Chicken Dance a day keeps The Mood away.

And stuff....

But hey! It's only Friday! Yeehaw! Right?! Right guys?! Come on......


Schmutzie said...

I have the same no-pants moods. I have been known to forego pants for two whole days at a stretch.

Em said...

I lived in "The Mood" for about two years straight back in the early 2000's. It was horrible for Marty for obvious reasons. I would sleep for as long as he would allow it. I still experience The Mood (especially on weekends because that's really the only time I have to be IN The Mood).

Thank God we have no chicken dance in our house though ... I can't imagine the repurcussions.

Did you spend your weekend well so far?

Kjersti said...

I read this blog and know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I'm actually relieved that someone else has this curse. My problem is I get it on weekends, but also on days off. I'll have to pitch the Chicken Dance idea to Jay, I bet he'd go for it.

Freak said...

Is this something that happens when you are married?? I have never heard of this. Am I doomed to not only become boring and only want to watch movies on weekends, but to succomb to The Mood as well???? I am beginning to be frightened....not that I never want to just lay in bed and do nothing. Anyway, I LOVED your imagery with the pants like an accordion. That rocked. Dan was sent this email about with funny metaphors/similes that high schoolers used in "actual essays" right? One said: "Her mouth [or something] formed an o-shape like the shape of a Thigh Master gently squeezed together into a perfect cirlce"

KimbaLee said...

Ooh! Thigh Master! I'll have to remember that one...

So glad to see that I'm not the only one!! Long live no pants!!!!