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October 29, 2007

All in a day's work

So I'm at work, right? And I have the wonderful opportunity of contacting this guy to tell him that generally when filling out a three page form, you're required to, ya know, fill out the three page form. A name and phone number doesn't really cut it, does it?

(gets up on tiny soap box)

Excuse me, ladies and gentleman. For the good of the people, for the love of pete, if you're filling out a form, any form at all, for cryin' out loud fill the form out. Trust me, if we didn't need to ask you these questions we would not ask you these questions. And while you're at it, please have the decency to pause and consider that there may be someone out there who *gets* to decipher your hieroglyphics into some sort of sense. It's maddening, people. Maddening.

(lets out a breath, steps off tiny soap box)

Where was I? Oh yes, the phone call. So I guess which numbers to dial, is that a zero or an O? A four or a seven? and it rings. At least it's a valid number number, right? The phone picks up and then promptly hangs up. I redial, switching the six to a zero and nada. I try the original number (soap box....seriously....) and this time the ringing is replaced by a slightly familiar trickling noise. I silently pray that Mr. Can't Write and / or Fill Out A Form Properly is having lunch on the shores of a babbling brook and before my little reverie continues, the trickling stops. Drip. Drip. Fumble, fumble. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

Oh no. This is not happening. I do not get paid enough...

I wait semi-amused for him to decide maybe to answer his phone, and hear the sound of a door swing open (mental note: disinfect form. Now. And then go wash my hands...) and then Mr. Doesn't Wash His Hands decides now is an appropriate time to answer his call.

Sir Drippy:"Hello?"


Sir Drippy:"Hello?"


Sir Drippy:"Hello?"

"Mr. ******?"

"Yes? Oh, hi! Yeah, you can resend me the form..."

After hanging up I make sure to highlight all of the fields he needs to fill out in bright yellow. Both for his sake and mine. It will remind me to have my sanitizer handy when it's returned.


Kathryn said...

see, the thing is here, I know for a fact you are guilty of at least one accusation in this blog... ;)

bridge said...

Double gross! You should definitely be getting paid more!

(mostly marissa) said...

So funny--did you see my entry about this same thing?

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Well, I just finished talking to my dad and apparently he went into the MTC with an Elder Cluff from California and they served in the same area, but they were not companions...I think. My dad also said that he doesn't remember Elder Cluff's first name, but it is very possible that this Marvin is that "really great missionary" that my dad knew.
That is so totally awesome! My dad was thrilled! He wanted me to give you his e-mail address to give to Marvin.
By the by, I love hearing from you and reading your blog! You are fabulous!