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November 16, 2006

Welcome to California!!! A jumble of thoughts....

Well............what do I say? I've failed!!! And it's only the middle of the month. I'd just like to say though, that I tried EVERYTHING I could to post something, but apparently Blogger isn't formated for a Blackberry or whatever. I couldn't log in!!! It was so frustrating!! We couldn't get Wi-Fi anywhere..............Let's just say it was the perfect end to an incredibly ridiculous day. Maybe the Worst Day.

The first part of the day went well, we got up at 6 am and began the long drive. Cabe and his business partner, Brian, drove in the U-Haul, and I drove my car with the mutt.

Since this is pretty much what he did the whole time, I had no choice but to crank the music. I listened to Bob and Tom until it was over, and then slowly began sorting through my cd collection. CD mixes from my high school days, which consisted of angry girl music, rap, country, rock, and the occasional ballad. Think I was a bit confused on who exactly I was? I think so.

Things were going SWELL. We finally hit California, and I tried in vain to capture the old "Welcome to California" sign to post, but I..........missed it. I'm going to blame it on my new phone. I still can't figure it out. I did however take a pic of the area once we arrived in Cali.

Beautiful....right? Something like that. We were in Cali for no more than five minutes before we passed our first wild fire. I did however REALLY enjoy the Lake Shasta area. We're DEFINITELY going to have to plan a little road trip up there. Gorgeous! Anyway, so we'd been in California for an hour or two, enjoying the 70 mph speed limit, when suddenly a cop pulled up very quickly behind me....passed me...and then pulled over Caleb and Brian. Naturally I followed them and waited on the side of the road. I decided this was probably something I should capture: Our first ticket in California.

After a minute, Caleb called me and filled me in. So this is how it went - the cop walks up and starts out with "Well, you're doing 3 illegal things. First, I assume that person behind us (me) is with you." They affirmed, and then he told them that "In the state of California" (this would be a theme for his speal) it is illegal for someone such as myself, a non-traffic offender, to pull over. So Caleb was to call me and tell me to drive off. Secondly, apparently "in the state of California", if you are towing something - anything - you have to drive in the right hand lane. Which we were not, for a good part of the time. Thirdly, "in the state of California", if you are towing something, your maximum speed limit is 55 mph. Which he was not abiding by. Despite the fact that they pleaded our ignorance of our new state's laws, they were given a ticket. Which we will contest, thank you. Welcome to California!!!!!!!

Since they were busy being pulled over, and that they would now have to drive 55 mph, I was now going to have to drive ahead to get to our apartment complex before they closed at 6 pm. Which um, put me right smack dab in the middle of rush hour traffic. I sped along and endured 3 agonizing traffic jams, but finally made it to the complex at 6:30, and showered our manager with kisses and thank you's for letting us sleep in our new apartment that night. Sleeping in the car with the dog was an experience that I didn't really feel up to after a 10 hour drive. We spent the rest of the night unloading the U-Haul and cursing doors that opened the "wrong" way. We were STARVING by the time we got finished, and to our horror, discovered that all the pizza places had been closed for a whole 10 MINUTES. So we found ourselves at Denny's at 11:45 pm. I could have devoured a lumberjack breakfast, but couldn't make myself do it so late at night. I was also a little more than upset about not being able to publish something for the day. I had toast and a piece of ham - and woke up at 6 am ready to grill the dog on a skewer.

Today turned out exactly the opposite of the way we planned it. We got ready and ate breakfast (would you believe we ate at Denny's again?! Halel's Meat Market was out of the question...) and then headed off to our friend's work place to see a display he'd been working on for a long time. It was insanely crazy, and the world should definitely get ready for some amazing products. After we finished getting the low down on them, we decided to stay and help him clean up the display room. We left his work at 5:30. Somehow helping him out with a few things turned into everything. Which was fine. :) It was fun to see his products and office, and hey. Who doesn't enjoy a little service? I know I do. For real. We've spent the rest of the night unpacking and playing Tetris with our furniture. Actually, the boys did that, while I worked in the kitchen, which is still only 50% done. I wish I could turn off my OCD button for tasks like this. I obsess about the BEST POSSIBLE place for EVERY SINGLE THING. Like, how could I live with myself if the rolling pin was in THAT drawer?! I couldn't! Mid-episode, I glanced at the clock to discover that OH.MI.GOSH it's nearly midnight and I can't possibly miss TWO posts!! So here I am. With internet people! CONNECTIONS. It's all about the connections.

I will leave you now. Because it is late, I am tired, and um....we got a new bed. And not just a NEW bed, but a Tempur-Pedic bed. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get myself up anymore. I may need some kind of foghorn for an alarm. I'm sure there are a gazillion spelling and grammatical errors, but right now? Too tired. And let me tell you - THAT is tired folks. I'll probably not be able to sleep anyway and come back to fix them...all red and googly eyed......

Behold! My new kitchen! Before the Attack of the Boxes.

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of my little phone. It may even be better than our held-together-with-scotch-tape-camera.

NaBloPoMo Gods...........have mercy on me! :) I know not what I do....

1 comment:

Kjersti said...

I'm really glad to hear from you again. I know you weren't away for too long, but when you missed a day writing on your blog I really started to worry that you had gotten into an accident or something, and I can't call you because my stupid phone is down again. So, your story about getting pulled over totally blows, but I'm glad that you're safe and sound in your California home!
And I'm even more glad that soon you'll be HERE WITH ME! You'll have to E-mail me with your exact plans so we can have a chance to get together and talk about EVERYTHING! I miss you!