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June 27, 2007

Oh, hi.

Hello. My name is Kim. I......have been gone. I'd mentioned that. I just didn't know I was going to be gone for so long. I didn't know I'd go into a post-Lake Powell depression. You know, the vacation let down. This one was worse for some reason, demanding much worse than just no-pants. Something to the affect of an hour-long "ugly cry" in a molten lava bubble bath. It wasn't pretty.

Lake Powell itself was amazing, exactly what I'd needed, a week of lounging. We have a gajillion pictures, over 400 to be exact, and I've been working on fixing them up a bit to post, and hope to be doing that in the next few days.

On the bright side, because isn't this post just a peach, we've found a home to rent that we LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's in the area that we want, it's a good size for us, (not too big, not too small, Goldilocks) it has a backyard for the mutt, it's on a GORGEOUS street, it's still close to work, it's super charming......I could go on. And this is me trying not to get too excited, we still don't have it yet. We saw it on Monday, fell head over heels in love, and immediately began, well, groveling. I swear in the course of the day we'd sent the guy four or five emails from each of us. We heard nothing until the end of the day Tuesday, and by that time we were heading over there to talk to the neighbors, try to get a phone number or something. The owner apologized (as well he should, I don't think my stomach could have handled another day...), said he'd been out of town on business and he'd have his "associate" get in touch with us. We were over the moon, until that is, we didn't hear anything that day, or today. This morning Caleb slipped a note in their front door, like a love sick teenager. We are not proud of this. But the housing market in the Bay Area is crazy. Like, insane. If you like something you have to jump on it like it's the last lifeboat. The last piece of chocolate. The last.....Mohican? I've never seen that show, but I'm sure that it applies here, right? Finally, FINALLY, Mr. Associate called us back today (I say us because he literally called both of us, separately, because of the heretofore mentioned badgering we did....) to inform us of the open house this Saturday. Which works perfect right, because I'll be in Utah for a friend's wedding.


On that note, I'm back on a plane tomorrow as I said, to see my friend get married. It's such a hard life, getting to go home so often. :) That, bytheway, is another story. Caleb? Thank you. You love me, you really love me.


stone said...

I am so jealous of the traveling! And especially to Utah. Glad you had fun. And I can't wait to see pictures of this cute house!

Jess said...

The house sounds lovely. I hope you get it, and I hope I can come visit while you live there. I'm picturing tea party-like. Is that accurate?
I'm moving into a new house as well. This weekend in fact. Kathryn has offered to help me paint on Saturday,so we'll be partying most of that day...if you're not busy, I think you should stop by!

Em said...

Of course he loves you!! That is very sweet of him. HOpefully he can score the house while your gone.