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June 9, 2007

Running on empty

I'm posting to acknowledge that I haven't been posting lately, and also to inform you all that I will not be posting until at LEAST next Saturday, as I am going on vacation to The Best Place On Earth, maybe you have heard of it, it's called Lake Powell. My family has a houseboat and we've been going every year since I was 7 or 8. I am not sick of it, couldn't possibly ever be. It's gorgeous for one, deep red rocks, red sand, cool water. It's impossibly cheap, around $150 per person for food, shelter and entertainment for a week. It's ridiculously relaxing, there is no cell phone service, no Internet, no television (we were actually in Lake Powell over 9/11 and didn't have any clue until the next day as we were driving home). Your biggest decision is whether or not to eat a blueberry muffin or a bagel for breakfast. And I promise to take a gazillion pictures to prove it. I Heart Lake Powell.

I am sooooooooo in need of this vacation - this past month has been insane at work for both Caleb and I. We've been so busy, so crazy. I haven't cleaned the apartment in a week and a half and people, THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING. The only time we're actually home is when we're either getting ready to get into bed, or getting ready to leave for work. The dog is in a permanent sulk. Hopefully a week of fellow-puppy-lovin' at the local Petsmart Hotel will cheer him up. It better, because I can't handle a sullen dog any longer, he is either staring at me with his woeful eyes, or has his cold nose pressed into my knee. I feel two clicks away from a "Snapped" episode.

In other news, the house-for-rent search is proving to be more difficult than we had hoped for. We saw a real piece of work the other day, a cesspool of liquor bottles, half eaten pizza, and piles of junk. I am hoping for a miracle, a nice charming two bedroom conveniently located near the Rose Garden. That allows mutts. I had no idea this was asking for too much.

I am rambling, and I realize this. But it's 1:23 in the morning. I am allowed.

Instead of staying home tonight and packing, or doing laundry, or paying the bills, or even catching up on "So You Think You Can Dance", I let Caleb talk me into going to see "Oceans 13". Not a smart move on our part since it didn't let out until midnight, but it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE. Better than the first in my opinion, and MY is that Brad Pitt lookin' hot these days, wouldn'tyasay? Seriously, go see that movie. It's lovely.

Ya'll enjoy the week, I've got to go dig for swimsuits, and maybe catch a few minutes of sleep before the alarm blares... While I am away, please do go click around on my Daily Dose and my list of Long Distance People Watching. They all have wonderful things to say.

1 comment:

Em said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has been "away" from the blog ... I am sure you will have a blast at Lake Powell ... enjoy your family and the scenery and hopefully you have awesome weather.

God bless.