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December 1, 2006

Attack of the Killer Furballs

Ah, Friday. How we love thee. A little bit of sleepy-innie, a little bit of lounging....late showers, late breakfast...late lunch (scrumptious leftovers from last night's African Beef Curry...)....and a GINORMOUS amount of dog fur. COPIOUS amounts. I-don't-know-where-it-all-came-from amounts. So yesterday I decided that our newly washed dog was in dire need of another shave. And remember? I do them myself now. Only.......this time I only got about, oh, 4 good swipes on his back before the thing died on me. it didn't really die. I SORTA dropped it right before we started. And it sorta didn't work very well on the first swipe. Totally beside the point though.......the POINT, is that he had a reverse-mohawk, and the shaver-doobie was all out of juice. And since I'd been to the grocery store like, an hour before that, I was definitely not going to drive ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STREET to the Petco. Where the pets go. But ya know? I think he liked it. I think he felt cool. Hip, like he could TOTALLY walk around this apartment complex with confidence. Sorta like the fauxhawk, right? For real. So.....back to today. We went to Petco (Where the pets go - I can't say that without the tag's catchy, good job Petco....Where the pets go....) and bought ourselves a super expensive shaver. The most expensive one there. Even then? It would still pay for itself after one and a half shaves. Right, I know, on with the story. I begin shaving, and quickly discover that A.) this dog's fur is like....NOT how it's ever been. All piecey, and...individual-like. Not at all like the nice clumps from before, and B.) This dog lost a LOT more weight at the "Pet Retreat" than we'd originally thought. The furr was EVERYWHERE. Stuck to everything. Tiny pieces of hair, all over my arms, hands, fingers, elbows, ALL over my pants, feet, face, IN MY NOSE......I'm not even going to tell you how I knew they were there. Believe me, it wasn't pretty. It looked like I'd shaved a Chow-Chow. And now we have a skeleton-dog.

He wasn't too happy about having it documented for all to see. He's raising his back a bit, but it allows you to see the nice line of pearls he's got.......and the little hip bones jutting out. We're feeding him a bit more than normal to get him back to his ideal weight, but other than being a little bit more excited than normal at mealtime, he's acting....happy. His energy level is at ludicrous-speed, and he's jumping as high as Cabe's HEAD to get his frisbee. So yeah. I think we should plump him up..... :) If only for few seconds of peace before the ball / frisbee / kong is once again shoved in our faces.

On another note, we ate at a FABULOUS restaurant tonight. Fabulous. Authentic, delicious, and not at all expensive. It's called Pasta Pomodoro and yes, you should definitely give it a try, if you haven't already. If you live in Cali or Arizona. If not? Hey! Even more reason to come out here! Delizioso!

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evonne said...

Hi! I found your blog on the Holidailies site. Your blog seems really interesting and fun. :) Your dog is adorable.