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December 2, 2006

Golden Gate

We decided to take the picture that we're going to use for our Christmas card (three cheers for Costco - SUCH a great deal...) and so we headed off to the Golden Gate Bridge. Or, to some unknown grassy knoll NEAR the Golden Gate bridge. I'd seen a picture somewhere, and had decided that THAT was where we were going to take our picture. We had no idea what, or where...just that you could see the bridge in the backround. Right..........................So we packed up the dog, and his ball, and some food for him, bowl for water, a water bottle with water in it, a towel in case he got wet or dirty, a large blanket for the back seat...Come on! What are we?! PARENTS?!?!?! We practically packed a diaper bag! Anyway. We got lost in San Francisco, typical right? This kind of lost however, was a GOOD lost. We got lost on Mission Ave. The center of it all! I saw a Red Envelope store! I had NO idea they had a store, and I made a mental note to return. We also saw a GINORMOUS Bloomingdales. A Titanic Artifact exhibit, the Academy of Art, several funky restaurants and shops, and LOTS of cars. I think both Caleb and I felt overwhelmed by it all. SO much to see, even more to do. I absolutely LOVED it, and can't wait to go back. And stop somewhere. I can't imagine living downtown, though we saw several apartment complexes. There were so many shops and restaurants, but uh....where do you park? Anyone? I'd love to know.

We finally made it to the bridge, and wow. What a view! We stopped just across the bridge and took some pictures, and then headed off to find The Place. The one in my head? Well...we didn't exactly find it. BUT. We did find another great place. We just sorta overshot it, and had to walk up the INSANELY STEEP one way road. Now, I'm not by any means marathon ready, but I think I'm pretty physically fit. I exercise, I eat healthy. That hill KILLED me. Next time? We're parking UP, and walking DOWN. It was a crazy view, off the side of the road...down the steep hill...I totally shouldn't have worn my nice boots. Anyway. Here's a few pics that didn't quite make it to the Christmas card. Gorgeous. If I can't live in Utah with my family? I'm okay living here for now.

Incredible, isn't it? Well, of course him, but the view!

How great is 70 degrees in December?! REALLY great. Trust me.

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