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November 21, 2006

Sensory Overload

This post may be a little scattered and crazy, but I have a real live excuse. For real. Except for one little (insanely horrible!) incident, today was quite lovely. Quite jam-packed, actually. I had the opportunity to sleep in - until 10!!!!!!!! I felt like I'd won the lottery! "More sleep?! You mean, I can continue to sleep past 8?! It's genious I tell you!!!" After a lovely session at the gym at our new apartment place (lovely...for real) I came home all excited because yeah! Dish Network was coming to bring us our DVR and satelite! I wouldn't have to worry about the Free Cable Police!!! Sadly, this was our one insanely horrible incident. The kid walked into our place with a little boy scout compass, took one look, and said "Nope. Can't set it up." and left. APPARENTLY our apartment is NOT facing South or Southeast. We are facing West. And every body knows that if you own a West-facing-apartment, you are screwed. Except for us I guess. It might have been a TAD helpful to at least have had a heads up, right? So now we're going to have to re-figure our phone / internet / TV, as they were all lovingly (so they said...) bundled by AT&T. Yeah for us!

Thankfully, the rest of the day redeemed itself. First off though, we had to go drop the mutt off at the boarding place we'd chosen. Actually, I'd chosen, because it was the only place that wasn't completely booked. It was a bit of a drive, a good 20 - 30 minutes, but hey! They'd take him! Over the Thanksgiving weekend! I'd spoken to the lady that owned it, and seen pictures on their website. However.......when we arrived, we found that it wasn't EXACTLY like the pictures had shown. It was more like this -

I wish I could accurately describe the smell of the "lobby". Or maybe all the crazy decorations inside. It was more like...and old, old, old home. Turned into a "pet retreat". I was pretty much stunned, with no speech ("I have no speech!") so I signed the papers and shoved the mutt off. We were comforted by the fact that he'd be allowed to play with other dogs, and um. There were sheep. And you know a good Aussie loves his sheep. Hopefully we'll return to find him in one piece, without any extra diseases. Right? He'll be fine, right?! We won't all get fleas, right?!?!?!

After successfully pawning off our "child" onto someone else, we giddily hopped in the car for our next destination. Or at least I was giddy. We were going HERE -

Neither of us had been there before, and I don't think we were prepared for the craziness. The ginormousness of the place. The amount of items FOR THE TAKING!!!! So...I pretty much wanted everything in there. And came out with nothing. NOTHING. Not a single plate, not one fancy ice cube tray. We found some great items, but it was almost like...we had to preserve the sacredness of it. "Next time" we'd say. "We'll definitely need to come back" and "Let's just look around and get some ideas". Mainly because both of our brains were ready to explode with all the possibilities. It's mind-boggling people, ye be warned. And yes......we will need to go back. Probably numerous times, and no, I have no problem with that. I also don't have a problem with the fact that it is mere minutes away. Yeah for California!

So after such a draining experience, we were pretty tired. And oh yeah, hungry. Very hungry. And lo!!!! We were in luck! Just two exits down, an In-N-Out Burger! It's my kind of burger joint. Only a few classic options to choose from (this helps with my inability to make minor's a problem people, and I am seeking psychiatric attention.....) and everything is FRESH. The beef is never frozen, the fries cut up that morning (and NOT fried in the nasty oil). Maybe you've never had the experience, and maybe you're thinking to yourself "What is this woman's problem? It's just a freakin' HAMBURGER for cryin' out loud." But that would be because you've never experienced fresh meat, crisp lettuce, and just-cut tomatoes. If you like that kind of thing. It's something to experience. And there you have it - free sameless plugging. You're welcome In-N-Out.

Oh, and that giant burger you see? Sooooooooooo not mine. I feel satisfied with ONE patty, thank you. That's right. Just the one.....

Now I must get pack-a-lackin', because we leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Utah - our home turf. This might mean that my posts are even LESS thought out, and more thrown up there, but hey. You'll all be on your own tryptophan low as well. Nothin' like food and family, is there?

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