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January 1, 2007

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

It's been a while, hasn't it? An entire week! It's been quite a while since I've neglected my little blog for this long. I suppose we've just been so busy enjoying family and friends, that by the time we get settled down and into bed, it's late and we're half-comatose. We've taken some fun pictures, but I'll have to post those when we return home. Which is tomorrow. It always goes so quickly.

We spent the entire week driving from my parents place to his and back, and I think by now we could have driven back to California. Maybe even come half way back. We tried to split it up fairly, and I think we succeeded for the most part. If you count the two hour car ride there and back. :)

Christmas was more than fabulous, we were spoiled again as always. My little sister Emily gave our dog a present and wrapped it. We put it on the floor and Caleb started opening it, and that's all the encouragement Bear needed - he ripped that wrapping paper, using one paw to hold down the box! It was pretty classic. He's been holding them in his mouth ever since....

I swear we spent the majority of our time shopping, which I am still trying to understand. The Saturday before Christmas we spent dodging the crazed pre-holiday shoppers, and the days after were spent returning things, shopping for more, using gift cards, returning, shopping, returning, shopping. Literally. In that order.

Have I mentioned the eating? The massive amount of food at every get together? The leftovers that are now struggling for space in our fridge? My uncle, who spent two years in Italy on a mission for our church, came over one evening and made enough authentic Italian food to feed all of Utah. And that's saying a lot. It was absolutely fabulous though. Enough to make me wish that just for a minute I had the seven stomach's of a cow. And the metabolism of a mongoose. I think that it is absolutely impossible to go home after being here a week and NOT gain like, 10 lbs. It's a good thing that Excel is here (the Most Fabulous Gym in the World), or that literally would be the case.

We've had several get-togethers with our friends, my favorite (so far....) being the one I had with all my girlfriends in my old neighborhood. We've started this little tradition of getting together at Christmas, and it's been a fun way to catch up besides the little group emails we occasionally send each other. We spend hours eating good food and reminiscing. And laughing. A lot. This time, because someone had found an old tape that my friend had compiled of recordings we'd made in like, second grade. Which really should be BURNED. Until it's nothing but ashes. Because really? I could live the rest of my life in peace knowing that no one else would ever have to endure the solo's and burping phrases and giggling like banshees. At least when I was doing it. :) Super hilarious when it was someone else.... This year we added two new little babies, it will be interested to see what else will change. :) Can't wait for next year girls!

And now it's 2007. A new year, new possibilities, room for change. Questions - like, should I make a resolution to work out every day? Do I even need to?! I swear, every time I come home I'm reminded "oh-so-gently" that I've gained some weight since my wedding. Yes, thank you, I AM AWARE. It's always followed by "Yes, but you didn't EAT before..." which totally doesn't count. So thank you.....the paranoia has fully set in.

I always like to think back at what was going on this time last year, and think of all the changes that have happened. Last night at my family party we all listed the things that have changed in our extended family. Babies, marriages, moves, new business etc. A lot happens in a year! Had someone told me last year that by the end of the year we'd be living in California, I would have laughed, silently hoped for it, but shrugged it off. :) This next year is going to be an exciting one, and quite frankly? I'm excited. :)

So Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings you health and happiness.

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