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December 24, 2006

The True Meaning of Christmas?

Ah, Christmas! Yesterday I spent the day scurrying around getting last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. My sister and I went to at least 10 different stores, each buying one or two things at each location. Why? Actually, I have no idea why. We kept saying "Oh, we can get that when we go to Albertsons." or "Oh, Dick's has WAY better produce than Target does....". And for the Saturday before Christmas in Utah, I was expecting Target to be absolutely pure insane madness. But it totally wasn't. In fact, had there not been elevator Christmas music playing, you wouldn't have known it was mere hours away. We were marveling at the low amount of last-minute shoppers (ohmigosh...did they all finally decide to get it done AHEAD of time? Why in the world can't I DO that?!?!) until we headed into the towns favorite grocery store - Dick's. Our first indication that maybe it might be insane inside, was the amount of double parkers. The fact that there were no parking spaces whatsoever. We drove around a bit, snatched up a spot, and headed into the abyss.

Now first let me remind you all that I have at least 40 relatives on ONE side of my family all living in the same town. You're bound to run into each other.

We walked in and were immediately sucked into this throng of moving people. More like cattle really, mooing their hello's and how are you's, excuse me's, can you scoot over three inches so I can reach the Dijon? We saw my Dad, who did NOT come in the car with us, we ran into one of my best friend's Dad and his sister, we saw three people from our church, ran into two of my aunts and my brother and sister in law.

Let me just paint a picture of exactly what it was like, okay? So I'm standing next to the start of an isle, talking over three old ladies to my aunt standing in line at the check out, who could probably have won the prize for The Most Items in Her Shopping Cart. Literally, her cart ranneth over. As my sister and I were half-shouting to her, I was nearly run over by my brother in law giving me a hug, probably because it was the safest way to get out of the main isle. While we were chatting I shifted my weight slightly to the left. If it weren't for my sister's quick action, I would have been run over by a crazed woman scrambling to pick up the last garlic bread or whatever. I was shoved in three different directions by three different people in 2 seconds. It's a wonder I left there will all my limbs in tact. Don't be messin' with mom's and their groceries. They mean business.

We grabbed enough items to qualify us for the "Express Checkout Lane". Except Express meant "Please head to the back of the line, halfway down that isle...yes...thank you." I was standing behind a woman that realized she'd forgotten 3 items on her list, but refused to leave her son in the line for fear he'd be trampled or something. "There's not enough time!! I'm next to check out!" Hopefully she survived without her bread and pineapple. I sent my sister to get one more stocking stuffer we'd forgotten, and nearly had a heart attack fearing that she'd not make it and have to head to the back of the line, now nearing the meat section in the back of the store.

It's all so worth it though, right? Isn't it? I's Christmas! That's what Christmas is all about!

Now I must nestle all snug in my bed...with visions of Clark Griswold dancing in my head....


Em said...

The Hullabaloo of last minute shopping has somehow wound its way into American Tradition, hasnt it? Christmas wouldn't be the same without the mad rushing about at the last minute.

Hope it was a great day with your family!!

Danae said...

YOu are a great story-teller, Kim! And the whole running-into-everyone-you-know thing, that is EXACTLY why I don't shop at Dick's. ;)