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January 3, 2007

Chop Chop!

I did it. I chopped my hair. And while I wasn't able to hit up my good friend Dayvid, I did hit up the same girl who did my hair for my bridal pictures and wedding. And I think if I trusted her to do that, I could definitely trust her for this. :) I finally decided how I wanted my hair done, oh, just a few hours short of the appointment. I printed off some pics from the internet, and promptly left them in my sister's car. Who drove off to run some errands. THANKFULLY she watches "Scrubs", or I definitely would have walked out of there with some crazed mixed-up elf do or something.
But before we get to the results, we must first look at the before's. The hideodorous (hid-E-odorous - my word, thank you) do I was sporting before. I didn't even straighten it, because uh, I was just gonna get it CHOPPED OFF.

That would be the dog in the backround, slunking off because he's positively FREAKED OUT from all the cheesy posing.

And here we see him again, pleading with me to PUH-LEASE stop, someone might actually SEE this!

You can plainly see that this mane of hair has GOT to go. The hours of time I've spent blowing it dry and then straightening it could SO have been better spent watching Ellen or sorting the items in my medicine cabinet into alphabetical order.

Side view of new hair. Sorta in the dreaded in-between stage, not quite sure why I wanted that, but hey. Do you see what can happen when they thin your hair out?!?! I LOVE it. After she chopped off most of it, she started to thin it out. And let me tell you, it was ridiculous. It looked like a Furbie had puked. EVERYWHERE. But it does wonders.

And the back view. Because you all REALLY REALLY care.

For some reason when I style it, it looks different than this. I think I like it better though. And I get all giddy inside when I think of how much money I'll save not having to use a half a cup of shampoo anymore. Maybe we can save all that money and buy a camera that doesn't require duct-tape?

AND? She told me I had enough hair to be able to donate it to Locks of Love. And while I silently questioned why ANYONE would want my hair when I clearly didn't, I kept that inside and said SURE! LOVE TO. Cross it off my Good Deeds list for the day.

Note to the woman who gets my hair: Invest in a gallon size jar of the Frizz-Ease stuff. Trust me girl.


Em said...

Two (or three) words for you: SunSilk Anti-Poof.

I love it!!

And the new do is very cute!!

KimbaLee said...

Thanks!!! And I will DEFINITELY invest in the stuff. I've been wondering if it does what it says it does...I'll give it a go!!