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January 4, 2007

Cabin Sweet Cabin

While we were enjoying our family in Utah Caleb and I decided to take a trip up to his cabin which is just outside of Evanston, WY. It's a beautiful full-log cabin on a few acres with direct access to...some river. They've got a few ponds, an extra bunkhouse and a large grass area to enjoy picnics, or to play frisbee. It's a special place for Cabe who spent many a summer's weekend up there working on the property and fixing up the house, as well as the frequent family trips. Every once in a while he'll talk about the summers spent fly fishing, four-wheeling, exploring and wading in the river with nothing on but shorts and shoes. Or the many times his older brother shot him with a bb gun or something. I don't quite get that part, but I DO come from an all-girl family. So....that might have something to do with it. I spent several days up there as well while we were dating, though never overnight. :) It also happens to be special to the both of us as well, as it was the location of our first "date" (does the Homecomming dance's day activity count? Sure!) and also the place where he asked me to marry him (on Christmas Eve, because that's the way he rolls). Caleb's parents are selling the place, so we decided we'd better head up there one last time. With the mutt of course. And his mother's dog, who we were watching. Quite a trip in the car, let me tell you.

Here they are, and none too happy. Especially Bear, who didn't enjoy sharing his bed....

On the way to the cabin...

It was a little slow going in Wyoming, they got the snow drifts goin' on ya know. But we did it, and enjoyed a lovely steak and potatoes dinner (cause I guess that's what you eat at the cabin) and then sat by a nice fire and watched the new Superman movie. (Pleasantly surprised, bytheway.) Oh, and I may or may not have enjoyed a lovely bubble bath in the tub.....or a hot shower in the steam shower....

Caleb woke up early to plow all the snow, and I slept in. Until 10. Only getting up after Cabe's SECOND attempt to wake me up. And I may have stayed there if I had known that in no less than 2.5 seconds after rolling out of bed that I'd be sitting on a tractor. In 19 degree weather.

He looks a little more natural on it. His smile wasn't forced. :)

So after the tractor-driving-lessons, I scurried back inside and spent the morning drinking hot chocolate and watching satelite tv with no less than 3,000 channels. Because it is very important to not miss a single episode of 30-Minute Meals or an E-True Hollywood Story.

So long sweet cabin! Ye shall be missed.


Em said...

How's this for a proposition?

You two buy it, and Marty Pieter & I will come and rent it for a month each summer? That will cover at least 25% of a year's mortgage payment?


I hate the thought of losing such a sentimental place. At least you two got one more weekend out of it.

My gosh, you had a busy trip over Christmas.

KimbaLee said...

Me too. :) And would if I could save the poor cabin....

Maybe if I win the lottery?!

Or Publisher's Clearing House?!!