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January 17, 2007

Because petting the dog was out of the question...

American Idol. America's favorite past time......

7:56 - Gettin' ready...preparing my ears for the horror which they are about to hear.....

7:59 - Caleb has to explain what that Honda commercial was all about. How am I supposed to know that car values "deflate"?! Gees....

8:00 - Ryan Seacrest drives me nuts. And I am once again reminded that I could be dealing with a LOT of rain. But I'm not. Ha! Cause I now live in Cali! Ha!

8:02 - Woah Uncle Sam! I remember this guy from last year (oh wow, that sounds so lame...) he tried to rock it with Paula. He got shot down.

8:03 - And he does just now.

8:04 - "The Hotness"?! Holy lips girl. It looks like she taped two Lil' Smokies to her face. At this rate, I'll be postin' ever minute. "I'm gonna go in there and deliver the hotness..." Mmmhhmmm....that's right, you're a Mariah Carey.

8:13 - I love when they tell the sob stories. Look, if your HUSBAND tells you you're probably wastin' your time, well, maybe you should listen. But! My six year old says I'm good!

8:17 - What?! Did he just scream "DIE DIE DIE"?! EEE!!!

8:24 - Commerical. Quick deviation....ever heard of "Beauty and the Geek"? We just turned to it. And I swear to you, that kid just said he was trying deodorant for the FIRST TIME EVER. Seriously. He had to ask someone else how to put it on. I thought geeks were smart!

8:28 - Help! Quick! The screen went black!

8:37 - "I'm Fluffy." That's one I'll have to remember. I'm not fat, I'm Fluffy.

8:47 - Oh it's so very sad....

8:55 - Shoot. I didn't get that commercial either. Can someone tell me what peripherals are on your computer?

9:00 - Oh dude. Not representing the Salt Lake area very well. Excuse me, you live IN Salt Lake City. Oh........................yikes.

9:04 - Ohmigosh! They're letting him continue! He's still singing! Please! Someone! Put him out of his misery! Or rather, our misery. He seems to be enjoying himself.

9:08 - I love Journey. Have I mentioned that? I am a closet Journey fan. My heart melts every time I hear "Don't Stop Believing". I should download that song...

9:19 - No. He didn't. I can't believe Simon just voiced my thoughts! It's like he's in my mind! That kid TOTALLY looks like a monkey!!!!!!!

9:22 - Still laughing about that monkey thing...poor kid's gonna have a complex...

9:33 - BIG momma. She should try modeling. Cause I think you're pretty much a shoe-in at that height.

9:34 - Wait, tall girl made it?! She was horrible! I think they were just scared of her. She could probably have taken them all...

9:38 - Lol. I love that commercial for TaxCut. I crack up every time. "What's it saying?" (Long pause) "Mmmmmmmm......nothin'. It's a box." Lol. Hilarious.

9:48 - Ah, the medley. The horrifyingly horrible medley. But it's what keeps us coming back, isn't it?

10:00 - Too....much....American Idol.....must fill my time with something more meaningful. Like blogging.


Ha ha.

Hmm....yup, just spent two hours watching American Idol. Pretty pathetic.

1 comment:

Em said...

I'm totally OUT OF THE CLOSET in love with Journey. I've been to see them twice, and Don't Stop Believing is like my personal soundtrack (circa Ally McBeal).

Come out of the closet already, Sista! :)