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January 18, 2007

Because No One Knows My Name

Yesterday I decided to take my own advice. (Thank you, Self!) I took a slight detour after running errands. Which translates to picking up soap and cereal at Target. Right. Well, "running errands" sounded so much more sophisticated...and important...

Anyway, I took a right after leaving Target and kept going. Until I drove right though San Jose, and then right past it. Pretty much until the buildings stopped being interesting and I started to duck a little in my car. Cause you never know what crazies are in the outskirts of a city. So? I turned around and parked my car. Paid $1.00 for it too. I wandered around a park, and then decided to check out the museums in the area. I felt too weird to go through them by myself, like, should I really be enjoying myself? Am I allowed to do that? Shouldn't I be looking for a job at every passing moment? Or, at the very least, cleaning or doing laundry or SOMETHING?! So I spent an hour in the gift shops. Which, really, was a lot of fun. Besides, I felt a little better because in the Art Museum's gift shop, I pondered, for a just a minute, about how much fun it would be to work there. And then I decided that the pay probably wouldn't be more than oh, $10 / hr and that is just SO not in the budget. Mission accomplished. One less place on my list! Ha! Take that Guilty Self!

I also dug our duct-taped camera out of the glove box and snapped a few. Again, PhotoShop. I WILL learn myself on that thing. Someday.

Ah, the park. So lovely. A little cold, but lovely nonetheless. Remind me to come back when the fountains are on.

And see? Lovely park benches. Under the lovely canopy of the brightly-lit not covered in rain or snow, trees.

Someday, I will sit on one of THESE benches. With a newspaper. And a piping hot cocoa. And maybe some fancy I-don't-need-them-but-they-look-great-on-me glasses. And I won't glance up when people pass by because that's so ORDINARY. I see people pass by me EVERY DAY as I sit on this park bench. Yup, that's right. Keep walkin' newbie.

So after my wandering I decided to head back to my car. Well, alright, I was deathly afraid of getting a parking ticket because OHMIGOSH they might find out I haven't got my California driver's license yet. Phew. That was a close one.

But I didn't quite feel like going home yet. So I sat in my car listening to Christina Aguilera and Augustana and pondering The Universe.

And after about, oh, 10 minutes, I started bothering myself, what with all my freaky thoughts and unanswered questions, (this is where it gets scary folks) and started just randomly shooting.

There are a few more, but um, I couldn't possibly post them. Too weird. Let's just say, I tried to get all artsy thinking about what I COULD do, when I learn me some PhotoShop.

And...I still can't decide if this was better than watching the latest movie on Lifetime in my pajamas...

1 comment:

Em said...

Movie on Lifetime? Or wandering through a park? That is certainly a tough one. And which choice is the better one really isn't the point. The point is, you stepped outside your comfort zone. You wandered a little. And you didn't get a ticket. Life lessons learned right there.

And when you find a good tutor for Photoshop, let me know.