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January 16, 2007

Totally Engrossed

I've spent the last two days absolutely and totally engrossed in another world. A world that I wouldn't normally find myself in, never mind loving it. A book. On Sunday my good friend gave me a book to read that she had loved, with just one stipulation - that I not read the back or the preface. Which I followed. Monday afternoon I sat down and read for HOURS, stopping only because my stomach wouldn't allow me to continue without anything in it. Or rather, my husband was dragging me to a restaurant to meet our friends. I spent the entire night thinking about reading it, despite having lots of great distractions. Like their adorable son. Or the premiere of "24". Or the Golden Globes. Or, ya know, sleep. I fought the urge to get up and sneak into the living room to read. I woke up this morning and um, since I have no job as of yet, I got ready. I got back into my pajamas. And I read until I finished the 512 page book. Granted, it's actually more a teen novel, but still. That's a lot of sentences. And now that I know there is a sequel (and possibly a third?!?) I have spent the night thinking about BUYING it. Or checking it out of the local library that I have yet to get a membership to. Anyway. Since it is a teen novel, I feel sort of silly loving it. I'm normally NOT a lover of the teen-book scene, have never read a single word of the Harry Potter books. In fact, had I read the back, or the preface, or knew anything about the book before I began, I highly doubt I would have read it. Psh! Lame! Scoff! I read ADULT books. With adult words. So thank you Bridge, for the warning. And thanks for the "wasted" afternoons, I loved every minute of them. Really. It's so nice to be engrossed like that, you know? Anyway, if ya'll are curious, and have a few hours you'd like to kill, check out "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. I'm not going to link it because seriously, don't read the back. Don't read any reviews. Don't read the preface. Start with Chapter One and enjoy.

Next? I consider myself an average cook. I LOVE to do it, but I'm no Bobby Flay. I've been married and have been cooking for the both of us for nearly two years now, and we're not dead. The opposite in fact. We're thriving. Tonight though? Not my night. I decided to add a bit of flare to our usual at-least-twice-a-week-salmon, and smothered it in barbecue sauce before placing it under the broiler. And then? In under two minutes I ceremoniously lit my oven mitt on fire (the broiler can do that? Is that allowed??!!) and then cracked my Pyrex to pieces when I put it in the sink and turned on the faucet. (Science wasn't my strong point. I didn't listen very well. And I spent the time in chemistry washing my hands in the back until there was enough suds to make bubbles. Then my teacher came back and made some with me. Needless to say, that entire part of school was lost on me.) As Caleb and I stood staring at my Pyrex, tragically beautiful all shattered to pieces, he quipped "Well, look on the bright side. At least we don't have to clean it."

Tomorrow? Live blogging on American Idol: Seattle. If it's half as hilarious as tonight's was, we should be in for a great time.

And yes, you are witnessing my life right now. All neatly summed up in a few sentences. What's a girl gotta do for some excitement around here?!

(Note to self: Maybe you should try leaving the apartment? Exploring your new state? Or at least the city? While you've got some free time! Please!)


Em said...

My FAVE FAVE book is The Time Traveler's Wife. I read it annually. Beginning the first week of January ... now is that magical time when I'm reading it. But once I'm done, I will check out "Twilight". It sounds interesting, considering I know NOTHING about it. :)

KimbaLee said...

Ooh! That's on my List of Books to Read! I'm glad to hear your good review...maybe that will be my next wasted afternoon read...