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December 11, 2006

Excuse me, miss? Tina Turner called. She wants her hair back.

I decided today that my hair has to go. I kept it short, sorta funky, all throughout high school, and after THAT was over....I decided to grow it out. A new me. And now? I want the old me. Or the old hairstyle at least. Well, maybe. I can't decide. See, I had so MANY different hairstyles. I had the cutter? Is there a better word? Hair STYLIST. There we go. Anyway. He is the best. For real. Gay guy, working in a funky salon in the avenues of Salt Lake. Anyone living in the area? Want to experience hair bliss? Check out Dayvid Crook. I believe he's still at Imaj Design. AUGH! I'm giving away hair secrets people!!!! My favorite part about Dayvid was that I could totally trust him. The first time he cut my hair it was fairly long, and I said "I want you to do whatever you want." I of course gave him a FEW new color, no shaving or Mohawk or whatever. I did this every time I went in. Sometimes it was a different style, sometimes the same. But it always looked great. So there you go. Dayvid? Are you out there? I'm coming to see you during this Christmas break.........I think. Oh, to spend $40 on a haircut...can I DO that now?!?! Maybe......I've been holding out on cutting my hair. My loving husband has been oh so subtle about his desire for me to cut it again....and I've wanted to....but uh....I've sorta had a reason to keep it long. Wanna know how lame I am? Cause I'm about to tell you. So I had my hair short all through high school. Mentioned that. And next year? Is my supposed 5 year reunion. And I SORTA wanted to have it all long and flowy-like. I don't exactly know why. Just in case they didn't think I could grow hair? I don't know. LAME. That's what it is. Thankfully I'm past that now. Mostly. Enough to start seriously thinking. So I started looking up hairstyles of celebrities that I've liked, and just tonight went through some old pictures. And while I was browsing, found a very priceless one. Not exactly the hairstyle I was going for.....but I think you might enjoy it. Apparently I'd decided to put my shortish hair up in pin curls for dance practice. Probably did it wet and slept with it. And when I took it out? The result...

And then we have the oh-so-popular rocker pose. Cause it's a MUST with this hair.

I decided I better post these now and avoid the possible blackmail charges later. This is me, hear me roar.

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