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December 9, 2006

...And to All a Good Night! remember the whole "gonna bake my cookies and watch Bedknobs & Broomsticks" bit from last night? You wanna know what I did INSTEAD?!?!?!? I know you do. But before you do, please pull your feet off the floor NOW. That's right, tuck them in. Trust me.

I mentioned that we'd watched our relatives (niece and nephews actually) kids yesterday. After my brother and sister in law got home, we took the boys to the park with our dog so the boys could play fetch with him. At one point, the ball went into the bushes. He had to retrieve it. Remember that....

So Caleb and I are both sitting on the couch, cuddled up watching...something...with Cabe absentmindedly petting the dog who is, of course, at our side on the floor. Let me point out that this is several HOURS after the park.....anyway. So we're watchin' tv and Cabe says "I think Bear's got something on him. It's like...a hernia or something." So I sigh and get up and we go over to the light and make him roll over so we can check out this "hernia" on his inner leg. What we find is a little piece of what looks to be skin, that's kinda...poking out, all flappy like. I squint and lean a little closer as Cabe's moving around the "skin". And then I see it. 6 tiny little black legs. LEGS PEOPLE. Without taking my eyes off of it, I mutter "Go get the tweezers."


"I said...go....get...the tweezers!!"

It was a tick. A TICK. ON MY DOG. A soft-bodied tick actually, which I didn't know existed. After we successfully ripped the little bugger out of the dog (and what a fight it put up!) I immediately went on the Internet and spent the rest of the night absolutely positively freaking myself out. I am now a tick expert, people. Soft ticks latch on for no more than a day, and then fall off. Ours was lovingly engorged with our dog's blood. The hard ticks can stay inside of you for days. Both carry several diseases, including the well known Lyme disease. Of course we inspected every single inch of that dog. Twice (at my request...after I'd done all my research...). What was so scary, was that I only found one picture that looked like the same kind of tick we'd found. And they didn't even really know what kind of tick it was, just that it was a soft one. Great. So not only does my dog have TICKS, but completely UNKNOWN ones. Lovely. Luckily we didn't find any more, but um, yeah. I was officially wigging out. I vacuumed. At midnight. Every square inch of my house. Because um, the dog? He'd been alone, in the house, for several hours. He'd been in my car. He could have been on the couch!!!!!!!!!! When we finally got in bed, I lay awake forever, imagining every itch I had to be a tick. I dreamed about ticks. I woke up at 4 am, and thought ohmigosh, that itch? On my leg? It MUST be a tick!!!! I went into the bathroom, inspected, and finding nothing? Doused the area with hydrogen peroxide, just for good measure. Now that it's a full day after the dreaded event, I'm a little better. I feel okay with my feet on the floor. I haven't pet him much today though.......we can't be too hasty, right? And now you know the depth of my OCD.

On a happier note? We had a great day today, full of hustling and bustling, and Christmas carols and the always popular Christmas food - um..Italian. Right. We witnessed the San Jose Flea Market. As we walked in we saw one of those old photo booths. You know the kind? You take four silly pictures and rush off to buy friendship bracelets and Dippin' Dots? We thought "Hey! This could be fun!" and got in, making the silliest faces we could.When we got out, it asked us to pic ONE pose, and it would print it out as an 8 x 10. Lovely. But the best part? Yet to come. Then we were asked to pick a border...and yeah, you can imagine the fun choices we had. So we picked the cheesiest, and waited for our picture to print. And print it did...on normal paper.

And now we have this lovely memento to always remember our first visit to the San Jose Flea Market.....luckily it only cost $1.

We also went to Target. We went to my new favorite store, the World Market. I could live there. I'd eat Swedish chocolate and shortbread from England. And sleep on beds imported from India, and eat on Asian plates. Read cookbooks about how to cook Thai food. I found some of my favorite cookies that they had in Australia. And a KEG of ROOT BEER. And Japanese candy. How can you not feel at one with the world?! I. Love. It.

Oh. And it's official. After many days of force-feeding the Christmas music, Caleb is officially feeling the holiday spirit. And he showed me by making this for breakfast this morning:

That would be an omelet, with cinnamon, and sleigh and snowman cut out toast. Isn't he cute? Cabe's the official Egg-Maker at our house, but this one...well. It was just plain FESTIVE! And holiday-inspired! And the mood stayed with us the entire day. He cleaned up breakfast while I sent out Christmas cards, he brought the car up to the store when it was pouring rain, he walked around with the umbrella to my side of the car, and even gave me a piggy-back ride into Target. Because flip flops, even if they are cute and woolly, are NOT the best shoes for the rain. Let it be known. I just happen to have an insanely sweet husband. That I love.

And I don't even have to beg for the Christmas music.

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