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November 10, 2006

White Chocolate coated Garage Sale

Well, the crazies of Albany united today to make garage sale #2 fairly successful. For some reason THIS time we sold hardly any of the smaller junk, and nearly all of the big crap. It seemed like every time we sold something, they felt the need to share their political views, personal convictions, or just a random tidbit of their life.
One woman showed up at 8 am (despite the fact that we said it would open at 10) and asked if we were going to open early. When we opened the garage door she went to work right away. Folding clothes, arranging them, commenting on our pricing, and giving us advice. Very un-solicited advice. After finding out that the second family contributing to this sale wasn't here yet, she left saying she'd be back. And back she came, offering more pricing advice like she was some EXPERT. Had taken Garage Sale Techniques 101. "I hung your baby clothes on the rack. I think $3 is a good price for them...."
One man, after agreeing to purchase our dresser sat with us for at LEAST fifteen minutes lecturing us on the "Attack on the Middle Class". Somewhere in there he started talking about cutting up his JC Penny credit card in the store, and after that I totally zoned myself to my warm cozy bed.....where there were pillows to muffle the sound. He paid us and still hasn't come back for the dresser, and um, it's a little past 1:45, dont'cha think?
One old man asked me about the vacuum we had for sale, checked out our sign, "$5, works great!" and asked "So, does it work?" Um....yeah it does. He said he'd take it, and when he was paying me he said that his wife had "just got a new vacuum and ha! I don't know what she's going to say when I bring this thing home!" I blinked and kept my mouth shut for fear that any sound might trigger his brain to click on, and he'd take back his money. I can't imagine what would run through my head if Caleb did that. Probably that it was high time I quit letting him go anywhere by himself.
The rain is back, full force. Just thought I'd keep ya'll updated. California is REALLY lookin' good right about now.
My account with Verizon was up, which means I can to finally upgrade to a new phone, and upgrade I did. In my possession is the new White Chocolate phone from LG. I feel like an 85 year old grandma trying to figure out how to use the new "clicker" for her television. I have absolutely no idea how to work the thing, so it's just sitting in my lap. Willing my music to magically transfer itself from my computer to it's loving arms. Or at least maybe just a cool ring tone. A pretty picture. SOMETHING!!!! And I just can't give it what it wants. So I'm officially throwing in the proverbial towel for a REAL one. A nice warm towel, after a nice hot shower. Maybe if I leave the phone on the computer the new fancy gizmo will use the powers of osmosis. Maybe.......

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