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November 7, 2006

Top 10 Things...

I started thinking about what I wanted to post today, and had about a zillion things come to mind. I'll only pick a few, so ya'll won't get bored or nuthin'. And by "ya'll" I mean like, the one person that reads this. :)

First off, I hope everyone voted today. As women, it's a privaledge we've had that hasn't always been ours. In the 4th grade I was a part of a history fair skit about the Women's Suffrage movement, and learned a lot about everything those women went through, some of them never seeing the fruit of their labors. One women wrote about what happened when the bill finally passed:

"The effect of this victory upon the nation was astounding. When the first Illinois election took place in April, (1914) the press carried the headlines that 250,000 women had voted in Chicago. Illinois, with its large electoral vote of 29, proved the turning point beyond which politicians at last got a clear view of the fact that women were gaining genuine political power."

So if you like the way things are going in this country and with our leaders, vote. If you don't? Vote. Cause you can't sit back and complain about how things are, or gloat in your contentedness, if you aren't willing to voice your opinion the only way that matters. That's all.

Secondly, oh.mi.gosh. Did ANYONE predict the break-up of Brittney and Kevin?! I mean woah. Talk about out of the blue. There's no way in a million years I would have thought those two would part ways. Alright, enough, one more. So....did she just decide to get the two kidlets out of him and then split? Was that the plan? Cause honey, you could have picked a MUCH better stud horse.

Third, some advice. For the sake of yourself and all of your customers, if you're a vegetarian DO NOT choose to work at Quizno's. I thought you were going to puke all over my Turkey Lite, and I don't need that kind of scare right now.

Fourth, Pizza Hut pizza crust is choicest above all other pizza crusts.

Fifth, does anyone like hot Italians? How about a hot Italian that can sing? Yeah? Okay - check this out. And don't be all like "Yeah, great" after 30 seconds, keep listening. "The Prayer"? Who doesn't like "The Prayer" sung by a hot talented Italian? I've felt guilty about hoarding this little secret for so long. I watched him work his way through Australian Idol, and baby, what a gorgeous ride it was.

Sixth, Cracked Black Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits topped with cottage cheese should be made our nation's official snack food.

Seventh, honestly, will the rain ever stop?

Eight, no really. Come on. You're joking. It's gonna stop now, right?

Ninth, if you have frizz-prone hair? NEVER run out of conditioner. EVER. I'd send you a picture, but let's just say you don't need to see that. It's gory. It's violent. Images are more disturbing than they appear.

Tenth, alright. It's not funny anymore. The rain MUST STOP.

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