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November 6, 2006

Swan Song

By the time we move next week, Cabe and I will have been living here in Albany for a year and seven months. Except for the brief week in Hawaii, this is where we've been since we've been married. I was NOT looking forward to moving away from all my family and friends, and can't say that I'm completely over that. I have definitely come a long way however, and despite the teasing and joking about how wierd and strange this place is, I've really come to enjoy many things about the area, and am finally feeling like I have a place here. :) A little late, right? As this next week will be the last full week we have living here, I wanted to make a list of things that I've enjoyed and will miss about this place I've *grudgingly* called home.

* U-Picks - one of my favorite things about this place - all the gorgeous local fruit you could ask for. All you need is a dollar or two, an hour, and a basket.

* This suburban neighborhood that we live in. How nice is it that we can take a nice Sunday stroll (sigh, not yesterday, because um, remember? The rain?) to the park just a block away? That the doorbell rang every 2.5 seconds on Halloween because there are approximately 3.5 children in every home? That we can get up and jog in the wee morning hours and feel safe?

* And while we're on the topic, this lovely townhome of ours. How I will miss thee, tiny backyard and one car garage. How I will miss being able to stay in my underwear and let the dog out at 7 in the morning. Being able to wash our car (and when I say that I mean Caleb washing the car) in our very own driveway. Having SOMEWHERE to go sulk when the husband once again deletes another Oprah episode off the DVR.

* Old World Deli's, "The Nutty Vegetarian". I've tried repeatedly to recreate this heavenly sandwich, but alas, it appears too much of a challenge. How can you even attempt to mimick perfection? I'm leaving the details for a post later this week, when I can provide proof, and leave you all salivating.

* I'm actually going to MISS the small-town feel that manifests itself during football season. I think I had a bit of an advantage working at the university and being in the midst of all the excitement - especially working at the Skybox during the games. Go Beavs!

* Looking out the car windows into the dense forests - for Sasquatch. I am convinced that if he IS out there, he lives in the Oregon forests. I WILL find you Mr. Sasquatch....

* No tax - when the sign says my Dairy Queen Blizzard is $2.99, it really is $2.99.

*My Beloved Winco. Home of bulk-food and cheap thrills.....

* Tillamook brand cheese, vanilla bean yogurt, and ice cream...They can ship Marionberry Pie, right?

* Lazy summer Saturdays at the local swim hole in Mary's River. How picturesque is climbing the hill and swinging off a rope swing into THIS?

* The many shades of green, year round. I will pretend that I've forgotten the 300 days of rain required to produce such hues. Ah, the greenery...

* The price tag of every. single. thing.

* Fall. I LOVE fall. I love this street in the fall.

* Of course, above all, the many friends we've made in our neighborhood and church. It really is true that then you're not near your family, your friends become your "home away from home". We will miss everyone, but plan to visit often.....that was one stipulation I petitioned for, and I am a very stubborn girl.

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