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November 8, 2006

Anyone Want a Slice of Neurotic?

Cuttin' it case you were wishing and hoping and praying I'd make another list.

Things in My Purse: Numero Uno
1. 1 USB flash disk. Not mine. I'm borrowing it from a friend at work to transport some personal files off my computer. Apparently no one uses floppy disks anymore. Except me....
2. 1 orange leather Fossil wallet. Contains only plastic and $15 Australian Dollars.
3. 2 stolen pens from the Kimpton Hotel we stayed at in California. Love 'em. Hey, "Every hotel has a story".
4. One mini bottle of Aveda lotion. Also taken from the Kimpton hotel. I think it's expected that you take them though, right? I mean come on, if you're going to offer your clients Aveda products, they're gonna grab as much as possible. I know I do.
5. 2 hard candy wrappers.
6. 1 rootbeer barrel, 1 butterscotch disk, one fruit filled hard candy, one mini grape Dum Dum sucker. I swear, I only use them for medicinal purposes....
7. 1 University of Utah planner. No I don't go there anymore. No I don't work there. Yes I do work for another university. Yes I still make the 20 minute trip to the U0fU bookstore to purchase one every year when I fly home. It's like when you find a great pair of jeans. You're not even gonna TRY to look for another. I pretty much second guess every great clothing item I own. It's not like that at all.....
8. 1 receipt for the shampoo I bought at Walgreens, 1 receipt from Quizno's, 1 paper full of copied recipes from a friend.
9. 1 half empty (yup, that's the way I look at it) pack of Trident White - Peppermint. With 2-way whitening power. Cause 1 way just isn't enough.
10. 1 super Tampax Tampon. Just in case.
11. 1 small wire bound book. For idea's, great websites, quotes, beauty product reccomendations on the fly.... Cause I hate standing in the store at 10 o'clock at night, staring at the seven billion face washes going "What did she say she liked again?" Plus, it makes me feel creative. And heaven knows I need a little bit more of THAT juice.......
12. 1 cylindrical make up bag from Benefit. Contains 72 different kinds of lip glosses for all my eccentric moods. 1 stick perfume, 1 concealer, 1 pressed powder compact. 1 pill tube. 3 mini orange pills for my stomach. I gots some issues.
13. 1 full bottle of Dove facewash, left in there from my trip TWO weekends ago. Note to self: how about we maybe think about relocating that to it's proper position, in between the face lotion and birth control pills? Hmm? It might be nice. Note to the internet: I have been cheating on my Dove facewash with Philosophy's Purity ever since.
14. 1 bottle of magic blue bills for my stomach. Blue Pills! Orange Pills! With these powers combined......I make it through the day!!

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