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November 25, 2006


Today was a special day for my little sister - she was baptized a member of our church. I can't believe she's already 8!!!! She was sort of an "oops" baby, but she's been a fun addition to the family. Keeps us all young. :) She's a crazy girl, and you can tell she's been raised around older sisters. She learned to talk at a young age, and I remember carrying on a conversation with her at 2. For some odd reason, she's the only one with blonde hair (and straight as an arrow...another oddity), and it seems to suit her personality. Always bright, bubbly, full of energy and always wanting to play and laugh. She seems really interested in art, and is constantly drawing - it's been fun to see her progress with that. I love all the pictures she sends to me! I remember one birthday card, must have been last year, because she was in soccer, and apparently that was all that ran through her mind. Her card consisted of one of her soccer cheers, changed slightly for my birthday. Very classic, I'll have to dig it up and post it one day. One of my favorite stories about her, happened only a year or so ago. Like I said, she's grown up around 3 older sisters, and has always acted her age, going on 23. She had a play cell phone, and would walk around the house pretending to have a very important discussion. One time I was doing something in the kitchen and heard her walk in and say very loudly into her "cell phone", "You're breaking out!!! I can't hear you! You're BREAKING OUT!!!!!!!" We use that phrase quite frequently. She also used to LOVE pepperoni. She'd eat it on her salad, which had to be only the WHITE lettuce. We'd buy one of those pre-made salad bags, and have to pick out each piece of lettuce that was white. Green lettuce was strictly prohibited. We'd put a few pepperoni on it, and some ranch dressing. Only she called it "Peppi-yown-ee". As in, "I want some peppioni!!!" Right now she hardly eats anything, we can't figure it out. When she DOES want to eat, we give her anything she wants. YES! Please! EAT!!!!!! She's 8 years old and weighs exactly 50 lbs. The same as my 3 year old dog. She's all skin and bones, but manages to run around tirelessly through the day. I don't get it. Whatever she's on, I want some. I'm so grateful to have her as a sister, she's so fun, and I'm excited to see what she's going to do with her life. Something good, I know that for sure. I love you Emmy-Pooh!!!

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