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November 24, 2006


Today was Thanksgiving Day II, at Caleb's parents house, and wow. Two turkeys? Two days of pie? Two hectic families? Two billion dishes? It's draining for sure, but it's definitely one of the better holidays. I enjoy the excuse to get together with family. As nice as Christmas is, this is a little less stressful I think, because you don't have to worry about all the presents and wrapping, and buying, etc. What more could you ask for than food and family? At the risk of getting too cheesy, I'll just list a few things I'm thankful for.
1. My husband, Cabe. He works SO hard for us, and it means a lot to me. We definitely aren't filthy rich, but we're making it, and we're so blessed. I try and remind myself all the time how so many young couples don't have the wonderful opportunities that we do. I am grateful that he loves his job as much as he does. I feel guilty sometimes, that he's going to have to work for the good part of his life, while I will be at home with our kids, but it would be so much more difficult if he didn't have the passion that he does. He's incredibly good to me, always thinking about ways to make me happy or smile, or laugh. We are certainly never bored, and that's mostly because of him, and I love him so much. We argue, we fight, we're stubborn, but I love him, and don't know where I'd be without him.

2. My wonderful family. And extended family. I pretty much count them as my immediate. We're all so very close (in proximity as well) and it's so fun to be able to get together with everyone and be able to have fun with each other. As most everyone does, I think my family is the BEST, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've got 3 great younger sisters (Freak, Special & Princess....) who teach me a lot, far more than I ever do them. My parents are so wonderful, always supportive and loving, and incredibly generous. I love you guys!

3. I'm also really grateful to be living in this country. We enjoy so many freedoms that I don't even think we realize, I certainly don't. Just watching the news every day reminds me of how blessed we are. We've got food at our fingertips, warm secure homes, and the freedom to choose our occupation and our religion. It's certainly not a perfect country, but I love it, and feel incredibly blessed.

4. I am very grateful for my religion. There was a time in my life that I probably wouldn't have mentioned it, but thankfully I've grown up, and have seen the many blessings that come to me from living it. I know where I came from, I know why I'm here, and I know where I'm going, and that's so comforting. Caleb and I have been incredibly blessed since we've been married. I honestly KNOW that the only reason we made it those first few months, was because of our faith in our church, and the tithing we pay. I remember looking at our expenses and the money that was coming in, and we were ALWAYS short. Hundreds of dollars short. But we made it, we never paid our bills late, and here we are today, in a much better situation. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel, and the comfort it brings to me every day.

5. Friends! I have wonderful, wonderful friends. From all walks of my life, and each one means so much to me. Since we've moved away from our family, our friends in Oregon have become like family. We lean on each other, we support each other, we're just THERE for each other, and it makes it so much easier to be away from home. I've known a few of my best friends since I was 5 and 6, and I love how accepting we are of each other. They've been there for me through most of my life, and they KNOW me. They know me, and all my weaknesses, and they're still my best friends. :) How great is that?! It's a wonderful blessing, that I know not everyone has, and for that I am incredibly lucky.'s where the cheesiness ends. I know, I know, it was rough in there, but it's all true. I am insanely lucky, and I have so many people to thank for it. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was full of good food, and good family.

And for real....the cheesiness? It's truly over. For real. No like, I'm serious. For real.

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