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November 26, 2006

Totally Random Thoughts

I don't know why I feel the need to blog late at night - maybe because I'm waiting for something exciting to happen?! Though this is much earlier than usual (my posts have been using Cali time, instead of Utah time...but oh well...right?) I don't have much to say today, except that it's been a good relaxing day. I absolutely LOVE waking up in my parents house, which I still consider my own even though I've been married for....well, over a year and half. Does that ever go away? Is that just me? I just feel so SAFE and COMFORTABLE. Not that I don't in my own little apartment, but there's just something about the familiarity of waking up and eating breakfast with your parents and sisters. Which we did. I also LOVE going to church with them, and I think it's also for the familiarity. And what's better than sitting around eating a delicious roast with mashed potatoes and hot rolls with your family? I can't think of anything better. I'm sensing a theme here....haven't I said that a billion times? Probably, but I think everyone can agree.
We also watched some old home videos of my little sister, as promised, for her 8th birthday. And despite having to watch myself in my teen years ( blackmail material there) it was fun to see it, and be reminded of how life used to be. How simple!!!!! Why didn't I realize that?! I had nothing more than a paper and what boy liked me at the time, to worry about. It's nice to see where you were, and remember how you got where you are today. I was thinking, as I watched myself unwrap Christmas presents, what I would have thought back then, if I knew how my life would be in just a few years. What would I do if I knew that I'd been soon living in California with a husband? And that this would only be the SECOND move since we'd been married? I never thought I'd live anywhere outside of Utah that's for sure.
A few of my cousins came over and we had fun playing games and just being together. We used to do that all the time, and so now when I'm home I really cherish that. I'm so lucky to have such good, fun cousins that are so close. It's like another support system, and everyone needs that. I love them all, and am always so excited to spend time with them. I'm SO looking forward to all our fun Christmas traditions. Because "The Grinch" and "Christmas Vacation" never get old.
And let's talk about Christmas shall we? Since I'm hitting on all these completely random topics. I LOVE this time of year. Love it. I love the snow (but only until New Years, and then yeah. It's time for spring, right?!), I love the hot chocolate and cozying up to a warm fire, I love pulling out the Christmas tree and looking at all the old ornaments we made. I love caroling, I love getting people gifts, and am always WAY more excited to have someone open something I've been working on, than getting something myself. I love the second excuse in two months to get together with family. And yeah, you guessed it, all the fun Christmas food. Peanut brittle.....Grandma's English toffee, Aunt Vonda's famous carmels.....I love the sweaters, the mittens, the scarves. I even love all the hustle and bustle. Though I've never experienced that coupled with the typical Cali traffic. I may change my mind on that one..... It's just such a fun time of year, with everyone sharing that wonderful Christmas spirit.
So tomorrow it starts - my first day of Christmas shopping. Let the hustle begin!!!

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