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August 4, 2007


I've been trying to re-vamp this place for a while now, and, wasn't going well. Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing. At all. Me don't know squat. In fact, I've been so frustrated with my lack of knowledge that I found myself looking up online degrees in......something about how to build your own website and learn all that silly HTML mumbo jumbo...or something.

I swear it was legitimate.

I started trying to come up with a masthead um, three or four months ago. I started late one night following some very vague directions I found online and then got frustrated, deleted most of it, and left it alone. I'd come back to it every week or so and made absolutely no progress, and almost deleted the whole thing once. I finally picked it back up this week and made it a goal to finish before the week was over. It's 11:56 pm on Saturday. Yeah for me!

I sat, cocking my head and admiring my (super hard!) work, and got a hankering to figure out the centering issue once and for all. I was going to do it! Yes! Go me! Actually, I just went to Beautiful Beta's forum (he'd helped me figure out how to add another sidebar and clean up my html) where I had posted my problem SEVERAL months ago to see if someone had answered my question out of the goodness of their heart. And lo! Someone had! Turns out I only needed to add TWO FREAKING LETTERS to the margin. Seriously. I tried it out, a little skeptical, worked. Imagine that. Maybe I need to dig up that media degree web page again....

In other news, my Jamba Juice exploded all over me today. I was walking back to my car, my small Berry Fulfilling smoothie in hand, desperately trying to get something out of the straw. It wasn't having it. And deciding that some lovely little fruit chunk must be clogging the end, I blew into the straw to dislodge it and it literally exploded, the lid nearly flying off and a golf ball sized splatter landing smack dab on my new white shirt. Curse you, push-up bra. I played it cool though, continuing to my car, hearing the snickers from the punk-kids loitering outside. I'm so above that.

Luckily for me Target was near, so I slung my newly-favorite BIG purse strategically over my um, splatter, and quickly bought the nearest do-able shirt, begging the fitting room lady to please let me wear it out. "Oh, sure, you can do that, just make sure you pay for it." OHH!!!!! Is THAT how this whole store-thing works!! PHEW.

It's too bad I wasn't closer to the mall.....


Amber said...

Holy Crap girl your blog is sweet! Well worth the hours you put into the re-vamp. Love it!
And ps, big purses are totally the best. I got one in Sydney that my friends refer to as the overnight bag. But here's just more proof that big bags always come in handy...

Lucky Red Hen said...

Too bad that didn't happen EARLIER in the day so I could've snickered too ;o)

I like you.

Em said...

You did an awesome job! You've got talent you didn't even know, right?

By the way, glad to know that you guys are moved into the new place. I saw the pics and LOVE it! It looks so homey, and I'm sure you are enjoying it.

Take care.