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August 17, 2007

As Is

I haven't talked much about everything that Caleb and I have been doing to improve our little rental home, mostly because we've been too busy working. Caleb has been the busiest, re-painting the white picket fence and fixing the sprinklers. We also re-painted the bathroom, and it looks one bajillion times better. Pictures will follow, once I find a shower curtain that measures 72 x 92. I'd prefer one that doesn't have fishies, odd blue tile swirls, or random geometric shapes. It's proving to be a difficult task, and the longer it takes the better and better the fishies look. I'm praying it doesn't come down to that.

One of our recent purchases was a last minute decision while checking out at Ikea. Caleb was in a less-than-happy mood because I was "being difficult", not wanting to purchase the first lamp I laid eyes on. We're in dire need of some more light fixtures around the place, these old homes don't come equipped with as many ceiling lights as we're used to. So we're checking out and I decided to run and check the As-Is area to see if maybe some fabulous couch was waiting for us to take it home, and oh yeah, only costs $100.

No such luck. But it's better to have looked and lost, than never to have looked at all.

(Wow, it's late.)

At the very end of the pile I found a few boxes of discontinued hanging lights for $10. And while we quickly discovered the reason they were discontinued (doesn't align flush with the ceiling, and um...the white bulbs are different. One has a lip and the other one doesn't! But hey! It's eclectic, right?!), with a little lovin', a bit of black spray paint, it looks fabulous. Or, at the very least, brightens the area.

Those curtains are not my favorite, but just so happen to be on the bottom of my To Do list. I have my priorities straight, people.

Sort of.


Bethany said...

I feel your pain... Buying an older home is definitely difficult, but you guys will look back on it and realize how much closer it brought the two of you!

kelly said...

Okay, I tried to leave a comment earlier and don't think I succeeded.
Here I go again,
I couldn't find the perfect shower curtain either, so I made one and bought one of those liners to make it waterproof. You should take your man to the fabric store with you to help you choose. Guys LOVE going to the fabric store. Really.

Jess said...

I like it! And I wouldn't have noticed the different bulbs until of course you pointed them out. Sounds like you guys are working there like it's your own house! I hope they knock some rent $$ off!