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March 27, 2007

Spring Cleaning by the stars

Do any of you read the little article posts that flash across the screen on the MSN Home page? Apparently we should all check these a little more often. We are missing gems like THIS:

"Spring Cleaning by Sign"

Your astrological sign that is.

I skipped down to mine, which reads:

"Libra:(September 23 - October 22) If your sweetie makes plans, you'll lock the door behind you and let the spring cleaning wait. You appreciate beauty and balance, though, so a neat, clean nest is important. Tend to a few priorities first, a little bit at a time - such as tossing the love notes from high school. (It's over. Really.) Then return everything you decided didn't fit right when you got it home. Force yourself. You can buy dinner for two with the proceeds."

First of all, I'm not really understanding that first sentence. (I don't clean because my "sweetie" makes plans? Makes plans with me?) But that's probably just me.... Second, how do they know I've saved all my love notes from high school!? HUH?! It's like they KNOW ME.

Who doesn't save their love notes? Seriously?

BUT. I do like a neat clean "nest". So this horoscope did pretty well by me. Let's see about my husband....

"Aries:(March 21 - April 19) You're fast and furious as a bullet, so cleaning, like everything else, absolutely must happen quickly - or it won't happen at all. Carry a large Tupperware container through your home. Put anything in it that isn't where it should be - the dishes under the couch, the mats from your sports car that currently live on the porch, and the radar-detector that's broken (because it failed you.) If you can't force yourself to complete the project, use an age-old Aries cleaning secret: toss out everything and buy new stuff!"

Seriously. Now I'm convinced. Where's the camera? How do they know about the famous "stuff it under the bed" (or in the drawer, by the side of the bed, in the closet...) trick he does?

They did get one thing wrong though. Caleb's the saver, and I'm the tosser. He has t-shirts that he packed with him when he moved out of his house and down to college. Then to Texas. Then back to Utah. Then to Oregon. Then to California. I've never seen them on anything but a hanger.

He finds his favorite pants and then wears them until the ends are frayed to nothing, and there's a baseball sized hole in the crotch.

Until this last Christmas every single pair of socks he had were riddled with holes.

When we moved down here (and had to down size considerably...) we went through all of our belongings, trying to empty our pockets of anything we didn't absolutely need. I made him throw out three different pads of paper with nothing on them, one book that had been literally ripped to shreds by one puppy-mutt, and four different college essays. From one of the three classes he took.

(Had to take that jab, Cabe. You know I had to.)

And because I know how anxious you are to get your custom spring cleaning tips, here's the site.


Em said...

Marty is also an Aries, and the first sentence is HIM to a T!!!

I'm going to check mine now ... what fun!

Em said...

(November 22 - December 21)
Most of you aren't home long enough to keep your places as tidy as you'd like, but getting organized now and then is important. Otherwise, how would you find your passport? When the cleaning bug bites, here's what may topple down when you open your closet door: several back-packs containing half-full water-bottles, your stash of maps, and a zillion ticket stubs. Before you start, warn your friends you'll be missing for a few days.

While it's true I'm not home as much as I'd like ... the rest is not very accurate. But it was worth a shot!