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March 26, 2007

Sister, Sister

My sisters have left, and we're back to a quiet, tidy house.

A little too quiet.

There were so many fun little incidents. Liz joked that Caleb WISHED he was a white one got that one but her....

I laughed all day long about seeing a grown man dressed up in a dog suit trying to get people to pose with his three very sedated dogs. They were all wearing sunglasses and little hats. I couldn't help it.

Kathy discovered the real way to pronounce niche (not "neesh"....).

And Caleb survived living with three girls in a one bedroom apartment. For 4.5 days. That's one bedroom and one bathroom. One bathroom......

Oh here, just look at the pictures.

Here we are wandering the Farmer's Market in San Francisco. We got this lovely dish for our mother. You can see Kathy (right) approves.

We are Master Shoppers. It's in our blood.

San Francisco decided to show us exactly what it thinks of neatly combed hair. San Francisco doesn't like straight hair.

And here we are, enjoying the lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge. See it? Neither did we.

We then found ourselves near an old military base.

We ponder the universe.

Then I make fun of Kathy's "pondering" face.

So we dash to the uh, stage area. Where the prisoners would entertain the weary soldiers. We decided to try it out.

Liz enjoys the show.

The fog lifts a little. We enjoy the insanely beautiful cliff.

We like each other a little bit.

Caleb is in hardly any of the pictures because he was the designated photographer.

So. Here's where it gets weird. Apparently I have a uh...a weak eye. We discovered this when we decided to make faces.

This is me trying to go cross-eyed.

Creepy much? Yeah.

And of course, what would a girls weekend be without some good old fashioned face masks? I ask you!


em said...

(1) Wow! The resemblance is awesome! I would never put you three together -- by the way, I'm totally joking here.

(2) I LOVE the pic of you guys hugging. It is precious!!

(3)I, too, have a weird eye (my right one). I just noticed it about a year ago, but ever since I have developed habits to keep other people from noticing. Somehow it took me 24.5 years to find it, but I think complete strangers will pick it out instantly. Go figure.

Way to go Caleb!! You made it!!

zack and bethany said...

Nothing like a good old girls weekend with the sisters. I am totally jealous. You guys look like you had a blast!