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March 21, 2007


Two of my sisters are coming in town tomorrow, and I've been busily trying to get ready. Something about having my sisters see my home (one bedroom apartments are considered homes, are they not?) gets me all domestic. I've been antsy all week to scrub the place down, haul the Aerobed out of it's box, tuck in their sheets....maybe place a mint on their pillow. Just for good measure. I've been arguing with myself about which meals to make, something fancy? Something to show off my budding culinary skills? Or maybe something my mom makes?

I know full well that neither of them will notice that I've wiped the baseboards and walked around the entire apartment with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (have I mentioned my undying love for Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser? It runs deep.....real deep....) and scrubbed away anything even remotely resembling a mark. They'll roll their eyes when they learn that I've agonized over something like meal preparation, and tease me about my meager Easter decorations.

And they're probably right. But at least I'll be able to sleep tonight, knowing I've cleaned every square inch behind my toilet.

And whilst I'm rambling, I had a fun little trip down memory lane as well. I was putting my new bedspread on our bed and as I whipped the quilt up so that it would lay neatly on the mattress, I began humming "The Age of Not-Believing" from Bednobs & Broomsticks.

"That's Charlie, to a "T"."

I used to lay awake at night thinking about where I would go if I had a magic bed to fly me anywhere I asked it to.

Where would you go?


Em said...

Oh, you are so good to your sisters. I too have a deep infatuation with the Magic Eraser. And, don't tell Mr. Clean, but the generic stuff ... works just as well. Sssshhhh.

If I could fly my bed anywhere it would be somewhere quiet and tropical, or just somewhere quiet. I wish I lived in the country, so maybe into a nice clearing in the woods where I could see deer and chipmunks? I dunno. that does sound a little boring, doesn't it?

Kjersti said...

Truthfully, I think I'd come out to see you and you could take me to all the fun restaraunts you've been to and the cute shops!

And it's off the subject, but this is the first time I've seen my blog listed on someone else's blog, and I'm kinda excited about it! THanks for being a good friend, and such a good sister.

KimbaLee said...

I would SO take you everywhere!!

And of course I'd link you. Holy crap, I check your blog all the time. Even when I know it hasn't been updated. Sometimes a girl just needs to see pics of her best friend and her insanely adorable daughter. :)