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March 15, 2007

Mail: Little pieces of heaven

I love getting mail. Love it. My favorite part of the day is those few seconds when I am jingling the keys trying to find the right one to open up our teeny tiny square box that holds The Mail. I base my happiness on whether or not there is mail in that box.

Anything will do really, a credit card application (sent to a Claeb J. Nelson, or a CLEAB Nelson - come on people if you expect me to believe it's worth opening, GET SOME ADMINS WHO KNOW HOW TO TYPE), the weekly deals at the grocery stores. Secretly, those are my favorites. I love to open them up and look at the foods that I COULD be eating this week.

Mmmm! Lamb chops! Those look good. (I am not a fan of lamb, but THEY CAME IN THE MAIL. I LIKEY.)

My favorite part is the section about the personal products. Tampons! On sale! Depends, buy two get one free! Hey, if I buy a pack of AA batteries, I could get $3 off a box of Trojans!

Wait.....that's odd....

Anyway, I love mail. This would be an example of an EXCEPTIONAL day. This kind of day requires a celebration, a ritual to the Mail Gods.

That would be our new quilt. The washer broke the other one. No really, it broke it. I swear.

Today we got a catalog for Dr. Fosters and Smiths. Does anyone else get this? When we first got married I missed being at home where the mail always ranneth over. So I spent a rather large amount of time on a website that allowed me to subscribe to thousands of free catalogs. I soon felt bad for Caleb, who would be getting nothing, so I subscribed to it for him, he the lover of all animals in our house.

I don't think he's looked at it once. I rather enjoy it though, much to my surprise. Do you know that there are CRAZY dog & cat owners out there? People who woke up and thought, "You know what my Fluffy needs? DoyouknowwhatmywiddleFluffywuffyneeds?!?!?"

Disposable! Comes complete with Animal Planet images for your doggies' viewing pleasure.

Or maybe perhaps your little poochie feels left out at home all day long. Besides, who says he can't appreciate a little Louis Vitton or Banana Republic?!

I actually used to know someone who took their dog to the mall. Don't know why, I tend to steer clear from antagonizing those kind of people....they tend to be a little high strung.

Notice the look of love she is bestowing on her little "baby". Mommy wuvs her baby! And her ginormous curlers! Yes she does!

She could fit a Twinkie under those bangs...

Anyway, let's not forget the cat lovers out there. Cause they are many.

Attach a laser to your kitty!!! A "FRICKIN' LASER BEAM!"

Love the caption - "LED light shines wherever kitty looks."

Nuts Kitty will be.

And who doesn't love a wacked out cat?!


Antonia said...

I'm so glad I've found you. Thank you for bringing laser cats and funny bangs ladies into my life. I've spent the last few years avoiding catalogue mail but I've just realised what a potentially rich seam of humour I've been missing.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello after you asked about formatting after pictures in posts the other day: I've been meaning to reply ever since.

I might do a blog post about how to get round the Blogger problem of text + pictures = squishy line spacing. I tried to explain it here in this comment box but it's too small. Although I bet a laser cat could do it.


Em said...

My cat needs no help in becoming more whacko. That laser beam is torturous I am sure.

Love you quilt, by the way!!

Em said...

By the way, love your links list! Now I can see what everyone else is reading. :)

KimbaLee said...

Thanks Antonia! I have absolutely been enamoured with your blog for quite some time now. And yes, catalogs are GREAT for a laugh!

Thanks Em! The quilt was totally a splurge, since I've become accustomed to the West Elm quilts, and when my other one broke..well..just had to have another! And the link list! Been meaning to add that FOREVER. It's only partly finished, but I totally agree with you. It's fun to see what other people are reading, and discover new people! Yeah! :)