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March 14, 2007

Humiliation Chronicals #2

*The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

(Totally used to LOVE that show. I'm sure 99% of it went over my head. But I had a crush on Joe Friday. So storyline didn't really matter.)

October 16, 1995

Dear Journal,

6th grade is a real challenge. When 3 teachers are teaching you, it gets really confusing (try eight sister - better yet, try college). My home room teacher is Mrs. Jones*. She is really cool. She puts things bluntly and it sounds really funny. Then we switch in the mornings and go to either math or science. After we stay in home room.
But 6th grade is a challenge for another reason. Fitting in. It seems as though we are all fighting for attention. I know Sarah is. She told me. And I am too. It's a really bad feeling and you hate doing it, but you can't stop. Amy always gets the attention even though she says she doesn't like it. And Sarah gets the attention from Amy. Amy is always talking directly to Sarah. I feel left out sometimes. Other times I'm fine. Like when everyone is talking and paying attention to everyone. I sometimes feel that if I do something wrong everyone will talk about me behind my back. It's not the greatest feeling. (Least of your worries girl, trust me....)
Also, almost all my friends have clean faces. I have to have pimples. I don't have a lot, just on my chin. I've always thought I was ugly, but grownups (grownups? Wow, I WAS young..) tell me I'm pretty. Sometimes I think they're just saying it (they were). I wonder if it's just some people or if everyone does. I don't think I'm pretty. Just average I guess. I feel like I am the only one with pimples. I just don't know. (I read through several entries, and I was very fond of this "I don't know" phrase. I lovingly ended many a paragraph with this oh-so-descriptive fragment.)

Wow, a whole three teachers?! A pimple here and there?!

My LIFE, for three teachers and a pimple. Gladly.


Em said...

Even though the problems were petty ... I wouldn't take any amount of money to relive middle school. It was the worst time of my life. It was the only time I had trouble being different ... now I like that I am different. :)

KimbaLee said...

Oh, Junior High was the root of all evil. By far.
Where I lived, 6th grade was still in elementary. Junior High was 7 - 9th grades.
Me. Loathe. Junior High.