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March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Kjersti!

Ah Kjersti. We've had so many good times. I don't think there is anyone else on this wide green Earth that I could have....

*started a game of "house" when we were put youngsters, and keep it going until the 5th grade...Jim & Jimmy miss us, I think...

*walked around our neighborhood looking for "mysteries". "See that key stuck in the tar on the street!?! It must be a mystery!!!"

*been kicked out of Payless Drug on numerous occasions for bouncing our newly purchased bouncy balls down the isles. The good ole days!

*spent entire days writing our book in 10 pt. font.

*kept a notebook of thoughts, secrets and SSFB's, again, for years. Let's pull those out, eh?

*been so enamored with one Dean Cain, that we logged many hours of our lives watching, memorizing, and re-watching the Lois & Clark episodes.

*willingly brought dolls and bows and arrows to school. And been serious about it.

*imagined that our bikes were actually wild horses. We'd ride in our circle with the plastic strings on our handles billowing behind us. You remember Deer-true right?

*successfully pulled off several fabulous parties with Margie, the sweetest lady ever. How IS your heart lately?!

*sat on the corner on warm summer nights talking until the stars arrived.

*survived Mr. Morely's class with. Wow that was a LONG semester....

*wanted by my side to face the dreaded Mr. Stacey Alan Driver. He once drove off a cliff...that made his neck so stiff.....I'm shuddering, just now.

*really, just spent the last 18 years with.

I am seriously so grateful to have such an amazing friend. Happy Birthday!!! I can't wait to sit around in the old folks home when our husbands have passed. We'll play Nerts and gossip and talk sex. It'll be great. :)


Kjersti said...

Thanks Kim!!! That was the first time that someone wishing me a happy birthday made me laugh AND shutter! I was thinking about all our mysteries the other day, too. Like the clothes and the toothbrush behind the bushes at the church. Who lives there? ANOTHER MYSTERY!
I'm so grateful to have you as a friend. It helps my self-confidence to know you grew up with me through all that craziness and you like me anyway! Because yes, I do still have all the Lois and Clark's memorized, and YES, that does incluse the commercials on the ones we recorded off the T.V. Remember the one for the lipstick? "Color, color, color, but that's not all!"
THanks Kim! Love you!

em said...

OH, I love my friends that I've shared those similar memories with.

Little girls are crazy, aren't they?