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February 12, 2007

Chillin' out maxin', relaxin' all cool...

Day Two of our Vegas trip: Mission Relax. Abby and I got up and made our spa appointments and went to lounge by the pool while we waited for our appointed relaxation time. The weather was perfect, warm and breezy. No boob sweat here! We read, we lay there pondering our existence. We unwound in the hot tub which had a centerpiece of rocks, waterfalls, and a single palm tree. Heaven! Oh wait! There's more! Our massages began at 3, but we had the choice to go sit in their lovely lounge room, which is quiet, dimly lit, and complete with snacks, magazines and a flat screen (read: Oprah). Or, we could relax in their sauna, or hot tub, or just lounge in some chairs and listen to the water drip down the walls. Fall half asleep and sip lemon ginger herbal tea. Or something.

The massage itself was lovely. I chose a coconut lotion because after the massage was over, I'd also chosen to have the "Castaway" treatment, where they pour hot coconut oil all over your body. By the time she had me turn over, and placed a hot towel under my neck and over my eyes, I was in some sort of forced trance. If Brad Pitt himself had walked into the room, I would not have been able to open my eyes. THAT'S how relaxed I was. And the coconut milk? Heavenly.

When it was all over, and I was recovering in the lounge area, we were very rudely brought back into reality when we discovered that Anna Nicole Smith had been found dead in her hotel room. I don't know why, I never saw her as anything but certifiably insane, but I was sad. The lady needed to lay off the heavy drugs and alcohol, but she was a person, and a mother. Hopefully her little girl will be able to grow up and have a normal life. So....that's how I feel about that.

Anyway, after we were able to move, we got up to get ready in their fancy showers, and use their fancy salon products. They had about 8 showers, and each one had it's own fragrance - shampoo, conditioner and body wash. So many choices! How to choose! When we were ready, glowing and primped, we met our hubbies to hit the strip.


So then we made a grossly huge mistake by asking the cab driver to take us to the P.F. Chang's in the Aladdin casino. The only restaurant open that late on the strip. I maintain it was because we were too hungry to think clearly. I literally sucked down every last ounce of my water before the waiter had even left. We must have all been a little um, retarded, because Caleb bit into some itty bitty pepper, despite Abby's warnings, and spent the rest of the meal wiping his watering eyes and lamenting about how "freakin' hot" it was. Then Brian, not to be outdone, did the same. He tried to be all manly, but his eyes watered, I saw them. Then I thought it would be a great idea to pick up the lovely piece of chicken over there, with my chopsticks, and managed to drop it squarely in Abby's water. So, uh, three strikes. We were outa there.

But the Chinese exhibit at the Bellagio? Absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful hot tub, no?

Ah, serenity!

I can't take credit for this one - it's Cabe's - gorgeous, isn't it?

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