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January 12, 2007

Friday Night Meme

So in trying to come up with something to post tonight...I came up with nothing. That MIGHT be because I spent most of the day reading my new Glamour magazine, and channel surfing. Not exactly inspiring right? Unless you're trying to come up with a new hair style, or a different nail polish. Which I did find bytheway, and intend to get me some. 10 days of no chipping!? That's ludicrous!


I looked up a meme. Which is pronounced like "theme". In case you didn't know. Cause I sure didn't....anyway, I thought it would be fun. A Friday Meme! Honestly, what could be more exciting?!

1. First kiss? Is this the first kiss we COUNT, or first period? Let's go with the one that counts, cause uh, a forced peck from a gangly red-headed kindergartner in the oak, isn't exactly what I'd like to go with. So, first kiss? French. Under the covers at a party. I believe Tommy Boy was playing in the back round? HIGHLY romantic. :) I can't lie though, I was pretty excited about it.

2. Underwater swimming or skydiving? SWIMMING. Though I'd love to be adventurous, the thought of plummeting to my death just isn't doin' it for me. Caleb went skydiving once, when I flew to Australia. Let's not go into the particulars of how ironic that was....

3. Careful as you cross the street or never look both ways? Very careful! I'm a seat belt kinda girl too.

4. Ketchup: a vegetable? Nope! A tomato is SUCH a fruit, plus, I don't think you can count processed foods as veggies.

5. Underwear - optional? Only on certain when I'm not in public. Sorry Brittney, gotta go with the underwear people on this.

6. How much TV do you watch? Admittedly, too much. Much too much.

7. What type of show is your favorite? Funny ones. Shows that suck me in. Or, just one with a hot guy. That'll bring me in for a while at least.

8. Which talk show host do you hate? Regis & Kelly. Only because I think they're weird together...

9. Are you looking forward to any new season premieres? Um........yeah. Yup.

10. Which show is your guilty pleasure? American Idol. So You Think You Can Dance. America's Next Top Model. The Office. Scrubs. I'll stop now.

11. Are you complicated? I don't want to be, but I probably am.

12. Do you retaliate? Not usually. My typical response is to get upset, fume, internalize and explode later.

13. Last person to hug you? Cabe!

14. Your latest complaint: To Caleb, for throwing the dogs ball ONCE AGAIN into the kitchen, where the dog is not allowed. And he knows it.

15. Who was the bully on your playground? Mmm......always someone different. Usually a um, LARGER kid. With dark curly hair. Or this one guy, who once sorta dated my friend. He didn't like me so much, and I always put up a fight.

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