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January 20, 2007

Because we are SO exciting....

We stayed up last night until long past 4 am. Maybe it was the 3 Cokes at dinner, maybe it was the good conversation. Either way I haven't done that since, oh, high school - staying up late to talk about boys and what college and freedom would be like. Needless to say, we didn't get an early start to the day.

We were finally ready to do something around 2. We decided to go out to lunch, and I chose Flames Coffee Shop & Bakery. Most of them are little more than glorified California-style Denny's, but the one I wanted to try was a fun looking one across from a fancy mall nearby. The cold has finally let up here in Cali, and so we enjoyed a balmy (well, compared to lately...) stroll from the car to the restaurant SANS COATS. YEEHAW, AND HALLELUJAH. I love this particular one because it's so dated. It looks like it was built in the 50's and it probably was. The fake palm trees and burnt-orange painted rocks inside the place is EXACTLY what I would imagine a California diner to look like. The food is nothing to rave about, it's the ambiance that keeps the regulars coming.

See how much we love it?! Alright, but it was fun anyway.

We decided to hit the matinee showing of "Pursuit of Happyness"*, but before it started we headed to the Border's at the mall to kill some time. This is the kind of mall however, that we get to look but not touch. :) We saw a Bentley parked just a few feet down from our little Toyota Corolla, if that gives you any indication.

A rich-person's mecca. See the Bentley in the corner down there? Uh huh...

And the movie? LOVED it. Why can't they make more of those? Nice feel-good movies without any sex or violence or whatever. True story, super inspirational, I highly recommend it. Oh, and bring the Kleenex. It's one of THOSE.

And my last little tidbit of the night. I went to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner tomorrow. I was waltzing down the isle behind two ladies. Fancy-dressed up black ladies. I was only a few steps behind them, they HAD to know I was there. One of them scurried over to the bulk-candy section, opened up the lid for the gummy bears and popped a few in her mouth, walked away. As I stood there AGHAST. OHMIGOSH. She just STOLE 3 gummy bears! That's like, 2 cents! Never in my life.......the guilt would kill me. What is the world coming to, I ask you!

Anyone bored yet? Tomorrow I'll give you a play-by-play of what we ate for lunch......that should spice things up a bit. Hehehe.....

*this spelling error IS addressed in the movie, just in case any of you were losing sleep...

1 comment:

Em said...

Agh, I LOVE staying up late talking, and then sleeping in (okay, my fave is the sleeping in part). It's just great affirmation that you married the right person, no?

I've been waiting to see Pursuit of Happyness ... but I think I'll wait 'til I can get it through Netflix (lazy much?)

Glad you got your pics banner back up ... I'm still trying to figure out how to implement on my site. *sigh*