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November 29, 2006

Duct-Tape Camera - On It's Last Leg

This post is going to be all about the pics. I finally uploaded the ones from the trip, and took a few today of the mutt. We picked him up, along with a nasty stench. Like, must keep the windows rolled down the ENTIRE TIME stench. Like, I didn't want to bring him into our new apt. stench. Like, a bath was the FIRST thing that happened to him stench. He's skinny, he's exhausted, and very happy to be at home.


Pics! From the lovely Utah trip! For some odd reason we didn't take very many, or rather, took random ones. However, I DO have lots of Kami pics. Cause she's so dang cute. I even have a video...but was hesitant to post it on here, cause ya know, she's not really my baby (sadly...) and I shouldn't really take that liberty, right? I WOULD like to somehow find a way to send it to her mommy....or...I don't know. We can work that out, right? Not like I know how to do that, but I would SO learn.....


The first in our little slide show, would be this -

Home Sweet Home!!! One day I'm going to learn myself on this whole PhotoShop thing. Or have the hubbie teach me. Again.

Practicing for our little number at Emmy's baptism. Not that it helped, we changed the song we were going to sing, oh... only about 10 times.

And this is what happens when you use a vacuum hose as a means for styling one's hair. Or, in this case, your husband's hair...This is rare, when he lets me play with his hair AND take a picture.

In the car listening to the Utah vs BYU game. Cause apparently we don't have "The Mountain"...

I could probably have done this all day. We took a zillion pics, but most were blurry cause um, babies move a lot, AND......someone kept blinking...I don't know who that was....

Three cheers for the flash! Not blurry! But oh so white!!!

The wing that "Tweety" hit. Post-Windex. Cause we wouldn't want to create an uproar from the bird lovers........

His trusty stuffed ball got him through the worst of times......

Let sleeping dogs lie....that's our motto. Because that is where he's been ever since we got home. Well, after the insane hyperness that lasted for an hour or so. He crashed with his NEW stuffed ball (the other sadly met it's death........). It must be at his side at all times, lest he miss an opportunity to shove it in our faces.

Sidenote: You have may noticed the new tag....I decided I may as well keep this whole thing up. It's kinda fun. Though I will add this disclaimer: posts may be sporadic / insanely random during the holiday season.

Not that it would be so far from the every day post.......

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