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November 18, 2006

Because I really didn't need my feet anyway....

We decided to head to Fisherman's Wharf today via the Caltrain. Still trying to decide if that was worth it. We didn't have to deal with finding and paying for a parking spot. It was a fun experience, riding the train in. But I was a RETARD and decided that I shouldn't wear my 5 year old I-bought-them-at-Fred-Meyer-and-refuse-to-trash-them-because-I-love-them flip flops. I was going into a CITY for heavens sake. San Francisco city to be exact, and dang it, I was NOT going to look like I'd just spent a year in Albany, Oregon. So I donned my brown funky Rocket Dogg boots, stuffing my jeans in them despite the fact that they were NOT skinny jeans. (Let's talk about how uncomfortable it is to jam your jeans into tight boots. I think I've still got marks on my legs. ) We walked to the Caltrain station, which isn't too far from our apartment, and about halfway there my feet started hurting. After 5 hours of walking, I've now got three or four blisters on each of the BOTTOMS of my feet. Not the customary heel folks. Sole Blisters (as they shall here on out forever be known as) are unavoidable when walking. They're deep under the skin and insanely painful. I wouldn't wish them on my enemies. Alright maybe.... By the time we got to the train station at the end of the day, I was practically crawling. But hey! We had a fun day. We saw some crazy people, got stopped by the "San Francisco Luv Police", I saw a sign that said "No Thongs, only Flip Flops" with a picture of bathing suit thong under the famous red crossed out sign. Or whatever you want to call it. I saw many a belly shirt on women that should never wear such things. Belly shirts, if they are to be worn, should never cause that much undue stress to those around you. It was like her pants and shirt were trying to squeeze a big pimple on her stomach. UGH!!!!! I heard more languages in those few blocks than I ever have in my entire life. We saw crazy statues, and exotic foods (and by exotic, I am NOT talking about the oysters, because those were just downright ugly). Here are just a few highlights:

Our el train stationo.

They didn't get off these the entire day.......

EAT!!!!!!! Like we needed any encouragement. That was a dang good sandwich....

Totally had this centered right, and then some large women barreled into me. PEOPLE!!!

And THAT would be Alcatraz.

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