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September 6, 2006

The Fruit Loop

There are times when I grudgingly admit that Oregon is a beautiful place. A nice place to visit. For a weekend or something. Anyway, this weekend was one of those.

Abby and Brian and Caleb and I drove up to Hood River on Sunday and stayed over night at an old hotel along the Columbia River, and THIS was the view from our deck. It really is that gorgeous. We hung out that evening (we got there around 8 ish) playing cards and relaxing. Maybe getting a bit crazy at times.....

But mostly just enjoying ourselves. Monday morning we got up and started driving along The Fruit Loop - a 35 mile loop in Hood River with over 30 "pit stops" along the way with fruit stands, U-Pick's, lavendar fields, alpaca farms, and old country stores. We stopped at several of them, eating fruit, sampling home made soda and jam, (we bought a jar of Vanilla Pear jam....really amazing....) and just generally enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

We stopped off at a fruit stand, bought a few Elberta peaches and sat ourselves on the tree swing to enjoy them, and watch the dogs play. Little did I know I was about to sink my teeth into the most amazing peach I have ever tasted. Honestly, I don't know how else to describe how delicious it was other than ethereal.

See the smiling, happy faces? That's what happens after eating such amazing fruit. You can't help yourselves. Even when you realize you're still in Oregon. :)


Danae said...

Kim, why do you dislike Oregon so much!? I am so jealous that you're out on some fun adventure... it's got to be better than being stuck in Bountiful. I have to admit it's not very fun to run into people from High School... I would LOVE IT if Gary and I could have moved and started out fresh. You can always move home... and you know your family will always be here, so enjoy your adventure while you can! :)

I love the pictures, by the way! You and Abby are so dang cute!

Pioneer Woman said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful state! I've never been. It looks so green and un-humid. Ahhhh.
Can I come visit?

KimbaLee said...

Hey Danae! I don't think it's really because I dislike OREGON, though there are some things that drive me NUTS, it's probably just not being at home, where I want to be. Oregon is definitely beautiful, you should come visit! :)

Thanks Ree, you can come too! It CAN be humid, at least more humid than Utah was. It's very green, except for in the dead of summer. Not many people have sprinklers, so the grass just...dies. :) Fall, Spring, and Winter it's LUSH.