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August 25, 2006

Paradise and Pirates

So we accidentally left our camera in Utah, and had to wait several DAYS to get it back. DAYS. Hence the late post about our lovely vacation. One cannot discuss the absolute beauty of Lake Powell without offering hard cold evidence.
Lake Powell happens to be my most favorite place on Earth. Where else can you cram all your family (and we have a big one!) onto one boat for an entire week, and not strangle each other by the end? Only there, the happiest place on Earth. A place where cell phones are out of service, work is a far off memory, and all the cares of the world are simply swallowed by a huge gorgeous lake, surrounded by deep red rocks. Isolated is one word that comes to mind, and in this context it is welcome, even enjoyed. As far as you know, the only thing going on in the world is boat rides, tubing, swimming, sleeping, eating..... In fact, we'd always joked that "the world could end" and we wouldn't know it. Well, we were in Lake Powell when 9/11 happened, and didn't find out about it until the next day as we were driving home. How odd, we thought, that the gas attendant at the lake informed us that they were all out of newspapers when we hadn't asked him for one. How odd, we thought, that the University of Utah decided to cancel their football game. It's the most beautiful, relaxing vacation, and I look forward to it every year.
We also spent the first part of the vacation at Caleb's parent's house with his brothers, sisters, and their kids. They decided to have a theme for the grandkids every day, and Caleb and I were in charge of "Pirate Day" with his brother and sister in law. We gave the kids bandana's, eye patches, and plastic swords, and Rob and Caleb led them on a treasure hunt. They even rowed them across the "lake of death" in their backyard to reach the treasure. We even had a treasure chest pinata, and I think all the kids had fun. If not, Caleb sure did!

Our lovely home for a week

A 30 foot hole we discovered, created by many years of constant rain dripping on the sandstone rocks

Caleb taking Emily on a wave runner ride

The pirates slowly make their way across the "The Lake Of Death"!

Caleb the Pirate!


Nekked Lizard Lady said...

What a great trip! We live within a day's drive of Lake Powell and I would to spend a vacation there. My folks have a house on a lake in Ohio and it's the best!

Great pics!

KimbaLee said...

Thank you! I just recently (okay, not so recently, a whole year ago, but who's counting?!) moved from Northern Utah to Oregon, and miss the beautiful Rockies!! :) I LOVE Lake Powell, have been going every year for the last...15? Very worth it. Do get up there sometime! You'll love it!