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August 14, 2007


Bethany tagged me to do this meme, and I usually try to save those as my "quick post" ideas. You know, when you haven't posted in a few days.....and you know you should....but you can't find time....or have an idea....

So. It's perfectly fitting for tonight.

5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago

*Wow, 13. I was hiding. Drowning in arms that were too long, feet and hands that were too big, and braces. Ugh.

*I'd just started dancing at a horribly new dance studio that taught me nothing, except that I needed to find another studio if I wanted to keep doing it.

*If I remember correctly, I was raising, about to raise, or had just sent back, my Guide Dog puppy. It's too late to figure out which.

*Was this the Spice Girls era? I shudder.....

*I've blocked this age out of my memory, if you couldn't tell. I'm scrounging. I really really really hated junior high. Loathed. Couldn't wait to escape it.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today

Organize Caleb's closet and drawers. They're stuffed to the brim of clothes he doesn't wear. I swear I've talked about this already.....

*Find a freaking couch that we like and can afford. It's impossible.

*Transfer and decorate our new big bookshelf. All hail Ikea!

*Transform our home into something my style. Something I love. Something I'm proud of. Something.....not......THIS.

*Decide what I want to be when I grow up. Among other things.

5 Snacks I Enjoy

Granny Smith apples with Adam's crunchy peanut butter. Heaven.

*Blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, banana's (only if they're still green), lychee's......and any other fruit. Till I'm brimming with it.

* A Laughing Cow Lite Garlic & Herb cheese triangle slathered onto 5 Ritz Crackers.

*Chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Trader Joe's.

*I LOVE dipping little red, yellow, and orange peppers into some lovely little sauce. Mmm....

5 Songs I Know the Lyrics To

*Almost all the Dave Matthews Band songs. He is The King, after all. How do you even pick a favorite though? It's impossible really, but I've always loved the good 'ole classic, Ants Marching.

*Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson. How can you NOT love this song? Caleb!? I'm talking to you!

*Promise by Eve6. Ah, junior year. How I loved thee.

*Nearly all of the Dixie Chick's songs as mandated, because I am a Female. Our girl children will soon be born with this knowledge, singing along in their cribs. "Cause Earl had to die...."

That's a little creepy.

*Missy Higgins anyone? Well, she's a little Aussie girl I came to love in...Australia. Duh. Most famous for her song, "Scar". The Aussie version is better than the one they're touting around here in the States. Just so you know.

5 Things I Would Do If I were A Millionaire

I'm assuming it means all of a sudden. And because this is imaginary, I'm going to assume by millionaire it means more than one million....because I can. That's called IMAGINING.

*Buy a house here in La Silicon Valley. So that when we sell it to move back to Utah we could put cash down on the Utah house and have enough left over to travel Europe. For a month.

*Invest! Invest! I'm like a little chipmunk, keeping nuts in my ginormous cheek pockets for later. It helps me breathe.

*Take Caleb to Australia, show him all around Sydney, and then go explore the places I didn't get to see. Like Ayers Rock.

*Find a little deserted island in the Caribbean, buy it, and build one fantabulous resort. Then I would charge A-List celebrities a ridiculous fee to stay the night. Richard Branson ain't got nuthin' on me....

*I've always wanted a cabin or vacation home somewhere. Like the Poconos. Or Hawaii. Or Italy, I suppose I could handle that, too.

5 Bad Habits

*I People Watch. A lot. Which is a lovely aesthetic term for staring. I can't help it, people are fascinating.

*I always forget a load in the washer. Sometimes for days, long enough that the clothes start smelling I have to wash them again. WASTEFUL, I tell you.

*I check the internet way. too. often.

*I am my own worst critic.

*When I'm concentrating I fiddle with my cuticles, and they are in desperate need of an intervention.

5 Things I'd Never Wear Again

*Can anyone say matching sweaters with stirrup pants?!

*Those hideous glitter and puffy glue shirts.

*A perm. Ugh.

*Remember those accordion shirts? The ones that look like they were made for dolls, but then stretch out to your size? WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! Yes, can I please get one of those shirts that add two inches to my waist? Thank you.......

*Fabric hair scrunchies.

5 Favorite Toys

Toys? Like, now? Alright....

*My (alright...our...) camera. Totally worth the price tag.

*My (alright...our...) laptop. See above bad habit...

*The DVR. Best invention EVER.

*I really love my heart rate monitor / watch. Seriously. It's amazing.

*I've run out. Honestly. My tennis racket? Is that a toy?

4 Jobs I've Had

It'll have to be my four favorite jobs....

*Cold Stone Creamery. As sad as it is, I really loved working there. Best high school job ever, we had so much fun.

*Receptionist at my dad's engineering office. LOVED the people. Still do.

*Bridal Consultant at my uncle's (not my mother's cousin...) famous bridal shop, Abbey Bridal (Maggie Sottero, anyone?) in downtown Sydney, Australia. If I could, I would STILL work there.

*Admin at the OSU Foundation in Oregon. Great people, amazing (read: FABULOUS) benefits. Lots of fun.

Notice that my current job isn't on the list? Hmmm.....

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

*Moulin Rouge, love the music.

*Sense and Sensibility. Nothing to explain there.

*O Brother, Where Art Thou? Nothing beats the first time I watched it, but it always comes close...

*Stranger Than Fiction. Really loved that show.

4 Places I've Lived

*Good 'ole Bountiful, Utah. The Homeland.

*North Ryde, NSW, Australia. My own personal Real World.

*Albany, Or. Where the sun don't shine....hehehe......

*Silicon Valley, CA. Totally crazy, totally populated. So much to see and do. And the sun always shines.

4 Shows I Enjoy

*So You Think You Can Dance? Amazing. Love it. Miss it already.

*The Office. Love it.

*Divine Design (thanks Bridgette! I love it!)

*Lost. When does that start again?

4 Places I've Been On Vacation

Again, favorites....

*Lake Powell. #1, as always. My other home is my houseboat.

*Paris, France. We also visited Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo and drove into Italy for the day. Amazing.

*Hawaii (Maui and Oahu). Ahhhhhh.............

*Melbourne & Cairns, Australia (and Sydney I suppose, though I was technically working and going to school...)

4 Favorite Restaurants

*Biaggi's Italian Restaurant. Where I finally gave in and fell in love with salmon again.

*Thea Mediterranean Restaurant - slightly expensive, but different and SO SO good. In fact, I could really go for that lemon soup right about now....

*Novak's Hungarian Restaurant. Owned by a little old Hungarian man and his wife, the man up front and seating people (he even pulled my chair out for me!) and the wife in the kitchen. Amazing. Seriously.

*P F Chang's. Mmmm........lettuce wraps....

Phew!!! And now to tag....wah ah ah...Kjersti, Bridgette, Jess, Trisha, Kelly, Lindsay, Shannon, Miranda, Em....okay, so if you're reading this? You're tagged. Now. Go and do.

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Bethany said...

I have a really bad habit of people watching too! Zack thinks I am so weird.