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April 7, 2007

Because my inner child would have pitched a fit otherwise....

We colored Easter eggs tonight. We're married. We don't have any children. But we colored eggs.

This was all made possible by me, because I refuse to believe that we're too old for that kind of thing. I have a tendency to do that, hold tight to childhood traditions. If I had absolutely no restraint, I'd be forcing Caleb to hide half the eggs in the morning so that I could go find them. I'd of course reciprocate because I'm just that nice.

But I won't. And we'll all just pretend like I didn't admit to that.

I probably shouldn't admit how excited I was that the egg dying kit I bought had 10 different colors. TEN WHOLE COLORS. You know, in my day we only had five colors - red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. We didn't have these new-fangled colors like teal, or brown, or strawberry. No suh.

That squatty one is brown. And the silty pink one on the right didn't work so well.


After a bit, I decided I needed to share the love. So I made one for the Easter Bunny. Because he works hard.

This is a swirly heart. For.........the tub. Because I love the tub.

And this one is.......the Italian flag (albeit backwards....). Because I love Italy.

And this one is for my homies in San Francisco. Because...well...just cause.

Caleb indulging me...on condition that he be able to catch up on the shows he's missed this week.


em said...

I love that you colored eggs! Don't be ashamed -- it's so cool, not only that you obviously enjoy doing it, but that Caleb humored you (and you KNOW he enjoyed it too).

Hope you had a very blessed Easter!

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary, but we've downplayed it today due to it also being, you know, Jesus's Day and all. It's the least we could do.

Have a great week.
(and I swear, the dog treats will be on their way soon)

Jess said...

I LOVE it. When (if?) you guys move back here, I say we make the boys hide the eggs and you and I will find them. They can go watch TV or something, because I don't think they would fully appreciate it. Deal?
Strange question, but where did you get those cool glasses that you put the dye in?

KimbaLee said...

Em - Yeah! Congrats on your anniversary! And Bear is SO excited for the treats. Cabe is too...

Jess - WHEN. Definitely WHEN. ;) And yeah, we will TOTALLY do an Easter egg hunt!
And the glasses? We bought them for $7 from our friends at our own garage sale. :) Kinda an oxymoron...BUT. I believe she said they got them at Crate and Barrel! LOVE that store....sniff....