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February 27, 2007

The Final Chapter - Fancy green ice cream

So.....I never finished telling our Vegas story. I know that you all care. So. Here goes.

The final day of the convention always ends with an awards ceremony / dinner. The "Big Night". This is when Abby and I try and dress up all fancy-like on our not-so-fancy budgets. We fail miserably to match up to all the older women in cocktail dresses, but we have fun anyway. Really, we've just learned not to care. Which is quite alright with me.

The morning began well, I didn't roll out of bed until oh, 11ish. Sleeping in was pretty much the only thing I REALLY wanted to do on the vacation (for me...sorry Cabe...) and I'd say it'd be fair to check that off the list, right? Right.

Abby and I took our bazillionth cab ride to Mall #2 of the trip, and on the way got a lecture on how exactly to decode any and all cab drivers. From our cab driver. Know their names, always threaten them with The Taxi Association or something. 'Cause them cops don't have no control over them. No suh. You got that right.

Then imagine a mad dash all over the mall in search of acceptable impressing-attire, and a $10 meal at Subway. That's right, $10. It cost more than my skirt. My Banana Republic skirt. Maybe we passed some country line or something. That's the only explanation I can think of...

The theme for the night was decidedly Asian. Salmon, which was delicious, bok choy, which no one at OUR table touched, and...something else. I really don't remember anything except the dessert, which is fairly normal right? Dessert is really the only course anyone wants, right? And this dessert looked fabulous - mandarin orange cheesecake next to a single scoop of green ice cream. Not mint green, no, it was GREEN green. Like grass. It was all very aesthetically pleasing, and everyone delved into the cheesecake.

Then we tried the ice cream.

Kinda rolled it around in our mouths, our eyebrows pulled together.

What....IS this?!

"It tastes...earthy."

"Like vegetables."

"Maybe it's lettuce?"


Seaweed ice cream. I did not love it. And I don't feel too bad, because I saw several plates as they passed by, a puddle of green seaweed liquid slowly covering them.

After dinner, we had a Chinese Auction. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It goes like this, everyone in the room is given a sign with a number on it. The auctioneer runs around the room calling out the numbers he sees, and is stopped when a blind-folded volunteer bangs a ginormous gong. The person who's number he called out last, wins the prize. Simple enough. We all got excited as we read the prizes, Ipods, gift cards, trips to exotic locations.... However, we sat with Caleb's dad, one of the owners of the company, at the front of the room and never had a chance. Ah well. We had a great view - by this time, most of the people were drunk, if not a little tipsy, and several women actually CHASED the auctioneer down. Well, hunted was more like it - one woman had at least six signs in her hand, and was RIGHT BEHIND HIM at every turn. She could have stuck out her tongue and tasted the sweat pouring off his brow. Seriously. I wish I was kidding. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been if one of the volunteer-gong-ringers had been on the large side, and hit the gong so hard it fell crashing off the stage.

Oh wait, it did.

Anyway, we didn't win anything, but we had a great time. And after? We wandered over to the ice cream shop so conveniently located in the hotel. We'd been teased.

Not fancy. But okay with it.

Caleb, The Photographer.

Ready to party.

Curling up next to the Blackberry after a long night....

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