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January 9, 2007

Random Blurbs...

First, a shout out to this wonderful blogger, Beautiful Beta, who helped me with my new layout, getting it all centered and spaced correctly. Thank you!!! Now if I can just come up with some fancy blog name and maybe a header or two.......

Next? Let's talk about how yesterday I spent from 3 pm - 11 pm on the couch, near death. Well, near puking. While some little elf scooped my uterus out with a spoon. That's what it felt like at least, I can't verify there was an actual elf. Hence? No post.

Now let's talk about how our mutt Bear has suddenly developed a love for baseball. Our apartment happens to face the nearby university's baseball field, and we can see it from our window. He'll stand there at our third story window watching the tiny little baseball players practice for their upcoming season for hours. Maybe we'll have to start buying dog jerseys and taking him to games if he cleans up his toys.

Have I mentioned that The Cable Police finally came and took away our tv? We got home from our Christmas vacation and sat down exhausted, to enjoy a little mindless entertainment. And? Snow. Static. Scary "The Ring" white noise. So we immediately set about trying to connect ourselves back to the entertainment world, and unfortunately, couldn't get it until today. An entire WEEK later. WHAT WERE WE TO DO!??!?! TALK?! BAH! We did. We also spent a lot of time on the internet, READING about the tv. And feeling a little pathetic. I did at least. I did break out the old "Lois & Clark" Season 1 dvd's, and relived my pre-teen crush on someone old enough to be my father. And ya know? I still think he's hot. There's no denying it, and I might as well come out and say it. He was one hot man. Haven't seen a pic of him lately..maybe he still is? We've also re-watched nearly every episode of "Arrested Development", all 3 seasons, and still can't get enough of it. Ya think if I request that they bring back that show, that it will actually happen? Sorta like the Bath & Bodyworks lotion? Maybe?! Anyway....a lovely man came today and hooked up our little umbilical cord to the outside world, thus ending that whole "talking" thing. :) Now we can talk about things that matter, like if Elliott and JD from "Scrubs" should get back together, or why in the world Flavor Flav hasn't croaked yet? Anyway, I'm lovin' the OnDemand. And digital music stations. And stuff.

While I'm eeking out little bits of nothing, has anyone seen this? I think they're trying to rule the world. Sucking us all in, one fancy designed product at a time. They've certainly hooked Cabe.

One last odd tidbit for the night. Have any of you heard of DHC? The skincare stuff? I once got some free samples of their Olive Essentials kit, and WOW. I have SERIOUSLY been considering purchasing the entire $75 kit ever since. My skin felt AMAZING. Clean and SUPER soft. Wouldn't irritate a fly. You can request their catalog with free samples, costs $2. Don't ask me how I got my free one, I have no idea, and have been trying to figure out ever since. Wrong address maybe? Woops! Sure enjoyed your $2 sample Ma'am! Or maybe they just felt generous? Either way, I still have dreams about the stuff...go check it out. You won't be sorry.

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