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December 18, 2006


Hello World. It's me. I've decided that something needs to be done about our driving signals. People are cuttin' people off, buttin' in, nearly running others off the road, screeching to a halt...It happens to the best of us, right?
What I don't understand is how we react to them. I mean, we've all been there. You accidentally cut someone off and then they ALWAYS have to drive past you, right? And you always have to kinda look over sheepishly and hope they know that you TOTALLY know how to drive, you're just uh, not "on your game" tonight or something. Right? And you want them to know you're sorry! So what do you do? You kinda wave at 'em...."Hi dude!!! I just cut you off! Have a GREAT day!!!!!!" It's insulting, right?!? We need to come up with some sign that appropriately conveys our depth of sorry-ness. Throwing your hands up in the air like "Eh?", just isn't gonna cut it.

And while we're on the subject, how do you say thank you to people for letting you butt in? You wave. What's up with that?! The Wave can't mean both "Thanks dude!" AND "Sorry I'm an idiot!". How do people know which one you mean?

Something needs to be done World. Our very LIVES are at stake! Road rage is getting out of hand, and I certainly don't want to be on the receiving end of someone who's misinterpreted my "thank you" for an "I so TOTALLY shouldn't have done that!".

So the "thanks" wave can stay, right? It's not so far off. But the "sorry" wave? Gotta go. What about switching it for a thumbs-down sign? Like "BAD FORM!". But maybe that would further tick them off? What about this?

The official signal in football for the "personal foul". A chop to the back of your hand above your head. Not that I knew that, I had to look it up. I might think the person was threatening to chop off my hand though. All Arabia-like.

What about this one for "Illegal Motion"? A sweeping of your arm, like "Get away - I'm dangerous". Mm? Well, okay, maybe not.

Maybe we'll try another sport. Basketball. This one for "Personal Foul" is fairly understood, right?

Hand clenched above your head? Like you can say it with conviction - "I. Am. An. Idiot".

Maybe this one for "technical foul". Hands formed to a "T".

Kinda hard to do when you're driving. Maybe just the good old fashioned "Loser" sign on your own forehead. That's pretty universal, right?

Just tryin' to make the world a better hand signal at a time. Cause that's just who I am.....

1 comment:

Kjersti said...

Kim, I think it was inspired that you posted this on Monday because I was a TOTAL IDIOT when I was driving home from work on Monday, and sections of this blog were going through my mind as I was cutting people off and doing the "I'm a dork and I'm sorry" handwave. This is halarious. I know I'm going to think about it all the time while I'm driving.