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March 2, 2006

Life Changing Moment

Last night Cabe and I bought something that could possibly change our entire lives! Okay, maybe that's a bit drastic. We succumbed to peer pressure and joined the ever-growing number of people with continuous music in their ears. We bought an Ipod. We were given a fair amount of money to Costco for Christmas from both of our parents, and have been trying to decide something fun to buy with it. Of course, while we were pondering we were slowly spending it on little (needed) items like food and house supplies....Until yesterday. They had Ipods for sale, and were much cheaper than the ones you could get online, even on Ebay. So we went in determined to buy the new nano, 4 gb. Black, Caleb insisted. We went up to the stand and were suddenly faced with a moral dilemma. For $50 more we could get a video Ipod. Now I've always seen these as kindof lame, why would you want to spend the money just to watch a video? Why isn't the music enough? The clincher was this: the 4 gb nano held 1,000 songs, the video Ipod held 7,500. Do I think that we could possibly come close to filling that up? No (well, Cabe might, he's a music slave). But more is always better right? So we did it. We gave in. I have never had an Ipod and have no idea how to work the thing. Cabe spent the entire night setting it up and downloading songs, and I'm sure I'm going to get a lesson today about the inner workings of the Ipod. Cabe thoroughly enjoys knowing something I don't, and will no doubt revel in it a while.
While we were checking out I said "I can't wait to take this to the gym tomorrow!" immediately Caleb said "No, I'm going to take it tomorrow, I have to drive all day!" For those of you who don't know Caleb and his history, I'll sum it up with the fact that he's had his car broken into and / or stolen at least 9 times. The last time it happened (a year ago!) they ripped his stereo out and tore up his dash. It's stayed that way because we haven't had the money to fix it. So not only does he not have his cd player, he doesn't even have a radio. He has a hole. It makes even the short ride to the grocery store seem hours.... It's a little sad that we've become so dependent on things like that, but I guess that's just how it goes. Needless to say, he has it today. :) But you can bet that it's mine tomorrow....


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