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February 20, 2006

Dash away, dash away, dash away all...

I probably have 6 different blogs out there, most of which I only started to vent, then promptly forgot the password. I haven't felt the need to try and figure out what that is, which is probably a good thing. Reading what you wrote while frustrated only shows you how irrational you can get if you allow it. I will try and remember this one however.

I remember going to a relatives wedding when I was younger, maybe at the impressionable age of 12 or so. I had recently told my Dad that I wanted to travel. Everywhere if possible. I told him I wanted to be a flight attendant (the occupation formerly known as stewardess...). I'm sure he didn't think much of it, probably one of the many things I had announced I wanted to be when I grew up, but being the wonderful Dad he is, he introduced me to some aunt or cousin or whatever of his, that was a real live f.a. (as I will be calling it from now on, life is much too short for typing everything out all the time). I actually don't remember much of the conversation, I have a bad habit of focusing on one point someone makes while talking. It's like my mind picks up one good piece of information and then runs with it. I remember her telling me of the places she'd get to go, and people she met. I'm sure I didn't hear her talk about the negative aspects of the job, I don't think most kids do at that age. We know what we want and we stick to it. I remember that while she was older, she was still thin, beautiful, with expensive looking clothing and jewelry. For a few fleeting moments I wanted nothing more than to be just like her. Traveling all over the globe, never really calling one place home. Highly romanticized, I know. I think I was a fairly "cheesy" kid. Thankfully I have since grown up, and I DO want to have a "home base", but that desire to travel hasn't decreased at all. When we're young anything is possible, and the older we get the more rooted down we become. I have a friend who gets to travel a lot for his job, and every time I hear about a new trip coming up, I get a little bit green with envy. In fact, yesterday when I heard he is going to China soon, I had pretty much had it. I imediately told everyone I wanted to become a flight attendant. I thought about it the entire night and all morning, until I finally broke down and realized how difficult that would be. I have a job, a husband, a home, responsibilities. If it were a perfect world, I could do it all. Maybe work from Mon-Thurs, be home for the weekends...... if I flew to Australia say, I could leave Monday, skip Tuesday, arrive in Syndey on Wed. morning leave Thursday around 2 pm and get into Portland at about 9 am....on Thursday. I could defy science and have 6 day weeks.... not that I've been thinking about it though.... :) It's just another dream or wish that gets filed back in the archives.

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